Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jesse Griffin: Now with more creepiness and more questions

Dan Riehl continues to examine the blogger formerly known as Gryphen. Dan has found that Gryphen, former assistant kindergarten teacher and quitter, has a preoccupation with a very troubling subject.

More and more it is looking like Alaskan parents may have dodged a bullet with this guy. The odd thing is Jesse may have been telling people what he is all along (see Dan Riehl’s Thoughtprint analysis of Jesse).

In one of R. S. McCain’s last posts about Griffin, McCain brought up an interesting question:

“… But I still have questions because – thanks to Dan’s ace research skills --- I know what the Anchorage school district was paying Griffin, and it sure isn’t enough to make the payments on a $330,000 house.”

Yeah, I would love to have an answer to that question too, especially since affording things above one's Line 23 is a common phenomenon among some of Sarah’s foes, like Levi Johnston. Humm, enquiring minds want to know.

H/T Reihl World View for the graphic.


The Conservative Lady said...

I just noticed you added me to your blog roll. Thank so much.

Clifton B said...


Girl, you have been on my blog roll forever! LOL How could I not? Your blog is first rate!

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