Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Trust Common Sense Ad

I saw this ad yesterday. I think it strikes at the heart of the problem with our anger at Washington. The constant spending even though we are broke and are borrowing against our children’s future. Finally someone seems to be getting it.

If you visit, they ask you to sign the letter below:

Congressional Leaders:

In the name of our children, our grandchildren, and our children’s children yet unborn, We demand, that the President and Congress of the United States do not commit by law to spend another dollar on any new initiative that will burden future generations with an unbearable debt. There is no more money. You have spent it all. Indeed you have wasted it on bailouts, on taking over car companies and on political pork projects.

The proposition that we must spend trillions to avoid bankruptcy is absurd on its face. We must fix the economy and create jobs if we as a nation are to be able to sustain the obligations to which you have already committed us. No more.

The issue of spending is a moral threat to the very life and future of America.

The National Republican Trust PAC paid for the ad and if you visit them, you will see that they seem like some pretty strong and common sense conservatives. Check it out.


@eloh said...

Sometimes I think the "future of America" is the whole point.

CSAN or CSPAN2 are on constantly at my house....if only people knew or paid attention, maybe we would have a future.

Clifton B said...


if only people knew or paid attention, maybe we would have a future.

That is why it is our job to make sure to spread the news around.

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