Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Mitt Romney?

US News has an interesting article by Peter Roff on the possibility of Mitt Romney running for Ted Kennedy’s vacant senate seat. Personally, I like the idea a whole lot better than Romney for President in 2012.

While many in the media and the GOP leadership seems to be working overtime to sell us on Romney for 2012, in reality there are a few pitfalls for a second Romney presidential run.

First there is the GOP base. After enduring RINO McCain, confused Congressional Republicans and out of the closet Socialist Democrats, the conservative GOP base is in no mood to be trifled with. In 2012 the GOP conservative base will be looking for someone who lives and breathes conservative principles plus has a very health respect for the Constitution. Mitt Romney may have a little trouble fitting this mold with a past of Pro-Choice, Pro-gun control and RomneyCare. Should Romney run for the senate, these issues would be less important to the very left leaning Massachusetts electorate. Once elected, Romney could then go about creating a solid conservative record to run on in 2016 or beyond.

Another big issue for Romney making a presidential run in 2012 will be RomneyCare. ObamaCare is stinking up the joint with much of America. How would America feel about voting for someone who actually passed legislation similar to ObamaCare? As a senator, Romney could say he has seen the error of his ways on Health Care and go about promoting more conservative and acceptable reforms like tort reform or removing interstate restrictions.

Right now, Romney is also the only big name Republican 2012 hopeful without a platform. Jindal has his governorship; Huckabee has his show, and Palin blowing up Facebook. If Romney wants to stay in the game until 2012 he needs a platform to promote his ideas and policies. As a senator he could do just that, even promote his own legislation.

Finally there is the issue of Obama 2009 vs. Obama 2012. Right now, Romney holds up well against Obama in polling. However, three and a half years is a lifetime in politics. Today the main thing sinking Obama is that he is pursuing some crazy Cloward and Piven type strategy because of his ideology. But the White House changes people. Should Obama love being president more than being a leftwing ideologue he need only go about significantly reducing our debt and really creating jobs. Would Romney still be that appealing against a more fiscally responsible Obama? As a senator, Romney would be able to stay in the public eye for six years, plenty of time to stay relevant in the event (God forbid) Obama is not beatable in 2012.

It is no secret that Romney covets the Big Chair, but in his case, maybe a brief respite in a senate seat might go a long way in making his dream come true.

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One Ticked Chick said...

I'm with you on this. Plus New Englanders could use some representation in Washington from the other side of the aisle.

Nikki said...

Oh come on! This is my guy! Romney may have been a moderate 15 years ago but that is par for the course to win in Massachusetts. Romneycare is running much better than a lot of conservative critics are giving it credit for. And of course I am a RINO...but I still love ya! :)N

Clifton B said...

One Ticked Chick:

I think Romney would be the best Republicans could ever hope for as far as getting a senator from Massachusetts.

Clifton B said...


I was going to add a note to this post, telling you to skip it. I read your I love Romney post. To be honest I did vote for Romney in the primaries. He was my third choice. Should he run in 2012. RINO or not you will always be one of my favorites! Shall we have a beer and soda summit to seal the deal?

Steve Burri said...

Clifton B,

Much like you, I preferred Romney over McCain, but he was down my list as well.

At least McCain did one good thing. He introduced us to Sarah Palin, but very little else.

Nikki said...

Clifton B, YES!! A beer soda summit should definitely be in the works, you will be glad I have no alcohol in me, it's best for everyone. Just make sure you leave that dumb ass retard Joe Biden home. lol! Even though I am a total RINO sell-out ;), I will always HATE democrats and that will endear me to my hardcore repugs forever! Like Ann Coulter says, the worst republican is far better than the best democrat! IT'S TOTALLY TRUE! :)N

Nikki said...

AND I forgot to tell you that I love the picture of Mitt...he is so HOT! :)N

Clifton B said...

Steve Burri:

Yes Palin was the only thing good that came from the McCain campaign. If it was for her on the ticket, I had planned a day or washing the dog, cleaning out my closets and changing the storm windows. In other words, I would have been busy doing anything but voting.

Clifton B said...


1. We MUST bring Biden along. Can you imagine how much fun we would have goofing on him?

2. Looong story, but I actually could have had the opportunity to have met Mitt in person last fall. Should the opportunity ever arise again, I will totally score an autograph just for you.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I think this is an ideal situation for both the Senate and for Romney.

Nikki said...

WOOHOO!! I would love to goof on Biden! He will probably be drunk as a skunk and we could probably get him to trash on Obama. You KNOW those two HATE each other...Keep me posted on the autographed pic! :)N

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