Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Glenn Beck fights back

As some of you might be aware of, there is a boycott against the Glenn Beck show. An organization by the name of Color of Change has be going after Glenn Beck’s advertisers to get him off the air, because they charge that Beck called Obama a racist. Color of Change’s efforts has been questionable at best.

On Monday, Glenn Beck fired back by going after Color of Change founder (and Obama’s Green Jobs Czar) Van Jones. I suspect that since Beck had run several pieces on Van Jones prior to the supposed “Obama racist” comment, that this boycott has more to do with shutting Beck up on Van Jones’s radical past than any anti Obama comment Beck made.

In case you missed Beck today, here is the video he ran delving deep into Van Jones’s radical past. Keep in mind Obama picked this guy to be his Green Jobs Czar.

H/T to And So it Goes In Shreveport for the video

H/T: And So it Goes In Shreveport

H/T: Right Pundits

Via: NewsMax


Opus #6 said...

A radical czar? I'm shocked. Shocked, I say.

Clifton B said...

Opus #6:

I know, they are just crawling out of the woodwork!

One Ticked Chick said...

Monday's show was enlightening. I'd never heard of Van Jones until he was named a "czar." Having avowed communists and other loons serving as top advisors to the president in positions that fly under congressional and public radar is scary.

SSG_E said...

Maybe it was before my time, but have we ever had a president or administration in the last 50 or so years to try this hard to squelch dissent or silence opposition to the extent that Obama has?

This makes perfect sense to me now. I knew Beck was striking a chord. All of the right people hated him and were going after him. Now there is a coordinated effort by a group with ties to an administration official to damage a private citizen whom simple disagrees with that administration's policies. Just because Beck is getting close to the truth they are trying to destroy him. We are living in dangerous times.

Nikki said...

The LA Times is going nuts about this, this morning. Good job getting it out there before those idiots! :)N

@eloh said...

I'm still a little "angry" with Glenn. He bad mouthed McCain every night on his program for months...I think it caused the ticket to lose needed votes.

I think this is what your blog is all about. Standing strong and shouting "I may not fit your mold, but here I am nonetheless".

I always try to vote for the best person for the job...but I am heavy to the right. In lieu of there being a best man for the job...then the lesser of two evils will get my vote.

Meadow said...

The Monday show scared me and made me angry!

Glenn is putting the well-being of his family on the line with these programs. I believe he feels if he doesn't, who will.

CNBC gleefully announced that 36 top level advertisers had pulled their advertising dollars from Fox News and specifically from GB's show.

If Rupert Murdock bows to these tactics, I will wish all kinds of bad karma fall on him, his planes/boats and the horse he rode on into town.

With the tactics of the current administration, we may as well have installed Chavez/Castro/Putin.... oh wait!

The Conservative Lady said...

I'm posting Glenn's series every day this week and intend to add videos I find from the shows. Hope you don't mind, but I used the video you had in this post. I linked back to your post, too.

Soloman said...

Clifton, thanks for posting this. I watched Monday's show and took so many notes, my head was pounding and my wrist was aching. I started to do some Google searching, but I didn't have the energy to put it all together and post. Maybe at week's end I'll do a summary.

Conservative Lady... thanks as well to you, and I'll add you to my blog roll in hopes that my visitors who don't know of you will find you and keep up on this important information.

And to all - http://www.supportglennbeck.com/ took what I was trying to do, and went to a whole new level, with all the companies listed and linked.

And @eloh - it's not about D's or R's, it's about right or wrong. McCain was only slightly better than Obama, with too much shaky policy in his past. Sometimes we need to sink to the lowest to come back stongest - remember Jimmah Cartah...

Clifton B said...

One Ticked Chick:

I think that is why these radical rascals were made Czars. If their past came to light way too many questions would have come out. Obama is hiding something.

Clifton B said...


The other day I was having a discussion with someone on the street and we were talking about the Obama administration. The woman looked at me with very worried eyes and said "it is like we are living in a communist country now". So you are not alone in thinking this administration has some rather un-American ways of handling opposition.

Clifton B said...


We blogger need to spread the news every way we can.

Clifton B said...


I am not sure Beck and others who bad mouth McCain cost him any votes. McCain's own track record pretty much did that for him. I for one had absolutely no intention to vote for McCain until Palin was added. Even then I was totally wishing the ticket read Palin/ McCain.

"I may not fit your mold, but here I am nonetheless".
Clearly you get the thrust behind ABC!

Clifton B said...


Actually CNBC wasn't completely truthful. While some of the advertisers did dump Beck, many more simply moved their spots to other programs on FNC. So Fox isn't going broke from Beck.

Clifton B said...


Please post the videos. I think it is very important we all get to see them.

Clifton B said...


I hope you put your post together just the same. It never hurts to add a second voice and spread the news.

Soloman said...

Clifton... I put together a different post tonight, kind of a personal editorial I came to after a night of discussion on blogs and debating on Huffington Post, a place where I learn so much about how closed minded people think.

I also gave you and TCL a shout-out in the process. Let me know what you think...

JimBob said...

Thanks for posting the Beck peice!

Is it any wonder that the day after the Van Jones segment that one of the groups (collectives? millitias? sorry, I dont know the proper term) he helped form puts out a press release about all the sponsors leaving Becks show.

If only there were a historical reference as to what happens when a government becomes oppressive to the people of the American Continent.

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