Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Into the lion's den: Michelle Malkin on The View

I like the way Michelle handled herself. Notice how she quickly takes control of the conversation and never relinquishes it? I love the way she dismisses Whoopi and Behar by calling Shepherd and Hasslebeck the friendly side, LOL! Michelle earns extra points for calling out Behar for not reading the book and thus diminishing any snark Behar might have had.

Michelle did have an extra hand in the fact that much of the Hope and Change crowd is neutered by the endless broken promises of Dear Reader.

BTW, did you also notice how the audience cheered that they were getting a copy of Malkin's new book?


Anonymous said...

"BTW, did you also notice how the audience cheered that they were getting a copy of Malkin's new book?"

Yes, so they can all get together later and burn it in a ritualistic bonfire to appease the God of Politically Correct Ignorance...

Nikki said...

I think she did great!! But I do have to say Whoopi makes a good point...you can take a microscope to any Presidency and it would show a level of corruption. But, like Malkin says, nobody sold a more perfect union than that of the Obama campaign. Also, the constant Bush bring up made Joy look even stupider than she already is. I love the at the end when Michelle socks it to them with continuing the surge in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and then silence. I am glad you posted this...I love watching these lame show get its asses handed to them. Pardon the french...:)N

Clifton B said...


Quite possible, after all The View IS filmed in NYC!

Clifton B said...


Whoopie was right that every administration has had some something something going on. The true test is whether they resolve it or condone it.

I have often said that because of the promises and image Obama presented and his failure to reasonably live up to them, Obama could end up being the most despised president of all time. He has 3.5 years to turn it around, but at this rate he ain't doing so good.

French pardoned ;-)

Boy Named Sous said...

A recent poll shows that 71% of those responding thing Obama's policies have deepened the recession. The American public in general is growing weary of the Left using Bush as the rebuttal for every criticism of the Obama Administration -- and not just conservatives. the Left, for all its talk of "Change", is mired in rehashing 2001-2008, instead of dealing with 2009+

Clifton B said...


We knew going in that the left was going to use Bush as a piñata for as long as they could. Unfortunately, I don't think they realize that the time for the Bush excuse has long run out.

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