Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UPDATED - ObamaCare: It's all about getting to a Single Payer system!

Don't believe a single word Obama is telling you. Obama and the Democrats biggest wet dream always has and always will be a single payer health care system.

FYI: The maker of this video is NakedEmperorNews.com, the same folks who brought you Ethicsgate video. Check them out.


The White House has issued a "rebuttal" to the Naked Emperor Video. In the White House's video, Linda Douglass, a White House official and former ABC News correspondent, merely attempts to discredit the Naked Emperor video by calling it "disinformation" and "taking things out of context". Douglass never addresses or attempts to explain Obama's previous statements on single payer or eliminating employer based health care. How come?


Reaganite Republican said...

Did you see I linked you Clifton?

Nice piece you did on the so-called "Beer Summit"- it was the first of a hopefully weekly linky-love post... need to spread it around, been wanting to do this for a while.


Keep up the Good Fight... OUR side is winning now.

The Reaganite Republican


Clifton B said...

Reaganite Republican:

Actually my Sitemeter alerted me before I visited your blog. I too want to do a FMJRA linky love thing too.

I often see post on other blogs that I would love to share with others.

Fighting everyday for the good old American way, brother!

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