Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For Jesse Griffin (Gryphen) and the Alaskan bloggers, the game has changed.

Following the double Epic Fail of the Palin divorce rumor, Jesse Griffin (a. k. a Gryphen) now finds himself the object of ridicule much like the way he ridiculed Sarah Palin and her family. As RS McCain and Dan Riehl set about employing their considerable reporting and research talents on Gryphen’s secrets, he may come to realize that the game was changed the day Palin gave her resignation speech.

Gryphen and the Alaskan bloggers should have realized they were on a new playing field when their absurd FBI investigation rumor was rapidly squashed and Palin came back at them with the threat of a lawsuit. Had they not realized that a liberated Palin would have the free time to knock down their baseless smears as quickly as they put them up? Evidently they did not, because the same thing happened with their divorce rumor only this time much quicker.

There is another important aspect to the new game that Gryphen and the Alaskan bloggers seem to miss. It is that Governor Sarah Palin is now citizen Sarah Palin. As such, going after her and her family with baseless accusations, lies, smears and so forth has a very different tone to those of us who do not suffer from acute Palin Derangement Syndrome. For us normal and fair-minded individuals, Gryphen and the Alaskan bloggers actions can no longer be dismissed as over the top political games. For us, their actions have the very distinct and ugly tones of stalking, bulling and harassment.

If there is one thing I have learned about America in my 44 years, it is that Americans have a keen sense for justice and fair play. When Americans encounter unfairness and injustice, they react and sooner or later the Alaskan blogger will find that they have push more people into the Palin camp then they ever could have hoped to turn against Palin.


Meadow said...

Regardless of what happens now, the Palins are away from the seat of Alaskan government. Comments at the ADN and other online newspapers have decreased by 1000% (is that even possible?)

Folks up here really are tired of the negative, ugly portrayal of our state and our (darnit!!) ex-gov.

While I don't see conspiracy in every event I, and the majority of Alaskans, have begun to wonder what has happened to common courtesy and most of all, common sense?

The uglies at a couple of sites are finding it hard to maintain their level of 'outrage', when they can not find supporting evidence.

Neat blog, Clifton :)

Lisa Graas said...

Great post!!! Awesome. ;-)

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC! Thanks for an Alaskan perspective. I too have a hard time understanding what all these people are still worked up over Governor Palin now that she is gone.

It would seem to any sane person that the Alaskan bloggers should now find another past time.

Clifton B said...

Lisa Graas:

Thanks Lisa!

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