Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Black Conservative's First FMJRA

Welcome to Another Black Conservative’s First weekly Full Metal Jacket Reach Around (FMJRA). After experiencing the highest weekly traffic to my blog, I feel compelled to share the Linky Love with those who helped make it possible and those who I want to share the Love with. So without further delay, let’s get this party started!

We begin with Reaganite Republican Resistance for including ABC in his FMJRA and giving my Technorati Authority a much needed boost.

Stogie at Saber Point links to my post about Jessie Griffin’s Epic Fail and

American Power Blog runs with the graphic from the same post.

The topic of Griffin was also picked up by Texas For Sarah Palin with them linking to my post about how the game changed for the Alaskan bloggers and quoting me as I marvel at how much dirt McCain and Reihl has dug up on old Jesse boy.

Speaking of The Other McCain, Smitty seems to like my recent Palin Photoshoppery.

Big thanks to The Frugal Café for linking to several times ACORN being outnumbered by Tea Party Patriots.

Booker Rising links to my take on Bill Clinton’s return

Finally, here is something that will peak your interest. Deuce at The Skepticrats, is a Sitemeter peeper like me. He credits me for reminding him to do his weekly post on strange Google searches that leads to his blog. This week’s strange search: “methods of panty torture”. If you think that is funny, get a load of this; Deuce has a blog post that matches. I’ll say no more, go read.

Post I read this week.

While ABC was not linked by these blogs this week, I did see stories on them that I would like to share with you and in doing so pass along some Linky Love.

First up, we have MAinfo and Why Mommy is a Conservative. Both blogs offer those who are attending Town Halls some very good and important questions to put to your Congresscritter. I would like to add one more thing, bring a still or video camera; it is the weapon of choice against lying weasels and union thugs!

Next we have Blunt Politics blog and a very good post about the PC censorship of words. This is a very timely post in light of Dear Leader’s decree to the snitch squad.

Do you know Sonja Schmidt from PJTV? If you have not seen her, her latest take on Obama and his friends, is on Self Evident Truths blog. While there be sure to read Euripides’ thoughts on Rachael Maddow.

Can’t get enough Palin?

Conservatives4Palin isn’t the only game in town. Aside from Texas For Sarah Palin check out Sarah’s Web Brigade, Sarah Palin’s Accomplishments and The Book of Sarah.

New kids on the block.

These are some new blogs ABC has added to the old blog roll. Charley’s blog Conservative Drive By is literally new (7 posts) but very good. Drop by, show some love, join his followers and tell him ABC sent you.

Older but new to the ABC blog roll are these new favorites that I hope will be your favorites too:

Right In a Left World

Oregon Guy

Grandpa John's

My brothers and sisters.

Here are the posts that caught my eye from my fellow black conservatives:

Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth calls out MSNBC for their trying to link Palin to racism. Adrienne has actually met Palin on several occasions. Take that MSNBC! Conservative Black Woman has a great take on blacks not reading HR 3200. The National Conversation (RAW) is a new black conservative blog I added to the More Black Conservatives blog roll, check it out.

Special Thanks.

For those of you who have complained and complained about the old layout's black ground with white text. You can thank Cynthia Yockey A Conservative Lesbian, one of my favorite blogs, for giving me the final nudge to change the layout.

Enjoy the reading folks, and look for ABC’s 2nd FMJRA next Saturday!


Meadow said...

Well deserved award!

I met Adrienne while she was here in Alaska. Truely a marvelous person, well spoken and not the least bit shy in her admiration of Sarah Palin.

Her blog is chunk full of pix from the trip.

Thanks for being here!

Clifton B said...


Adrienne is a dynamo! I was impressed with her the moment I met her on Team Sarah. Actually it was her blog Motivation Truth that inspired me to start ABC!

Stogie said...

Clifton, do you publish your email address? I have something I want to send to you.

Mine is


Jenny said...

New visitor this week. Will be coming back regularly. Thanks.

Nikki said...

What a cool idea! So many bloggers are such snobs and this is refreshing to see the love shouted out to fellow bloggers! Awewsome! :)N

Clifton B said...


Sent you an email. Here is mine if anyone needs it:

Clifton B said...


Much thanks Jenny and welcome to ABC!

Clifton B said...


Hey Nikki, just trying to spread the love!

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