Monday, August 10, 2009

Harry Reid is too chicken to hold live town hall meeting!

From NewsBusters:

The most powerful man in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), announced on Friday that as a result of recent protest at town hall meetings he won’t hold any such political gatherings during this month’s Congressional recess.

Instead, he will only do what’s called “telephone town halls” where he and his staff have complete control over the questions being asked and who’s asking them.

Why is it that the Congress members who have the biggest mouths all seem to have the tiniest b*lls? Harry Reid, like Nancy Pelosi both talk a big game, but neither of them are willing to meet face to face with their constituents.

I think this is due to the fact that both Reid and Pelosi have contempt for much of the American people. Seriously, I really think they do. Think back to a few months ago, I do recall old Dingy Harry complaining about the stench of the visitors to the Capitol! Perhaps that is why he cannot meet his constituents in person; his delicate girly man sensibilities might be offended.

Whatever the case may be Chicken Boy Harry is too afraid to meet with his own constituents, and for that I say; Cluck You, Harry Reid! Cluck You!

Note: Read the full story from NewsBusters, it also appears that the media is covering for Reid’s cowardly stunt.

Via: NewsBusters

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madmath1 said...

Typical liberals. They can dish it out but they can't take it. When ever a person challenge their stand and ask for a justification, they do what liberals do best. Put their forefingers in their ears and shout la la la la la la la la.

Charley said...

Right on target. The liberal attitude is if you are not in a room full of people praising you for how right you are then the people in that room must be a bunch of uneducated hicks who don't know what is best for them so why bother going through the motions and mix with commoners.

Leslie said...

And now people need to look at this action too...who ever is not brave enough to stand in front of their constiuents to defend or discuss their votes, bills passed, or ideals should not be voted back into office. Who ever is not willing to listen to their constiuents, vote them out. Afterall, they are supposed to represent the people who hired them...

Good post. I REALLY like the look of your blog too!


Steve Burri said...

Actually, Reid should not be faulted. He lives and works in a pigsty, so free, fresh air smells odd to him.

Stogie said...

"Why is it that the Congress members who have the biggest mouths all seem to have the tiniest b*lls? Harry Reid, like Nancy Pelosi both talk a big game, but neither of them are willing to meet face to face with their constituents."

That is an astute observation, Clifton! The biggest kooks in Congress fear the light like cockroaches whose rock has been turned over.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

LOL! I love that line "Cluck you, Harry Reid, Cluck You!"

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

You know, the sad thing with these "protesters"--clearly organized--is that they will actually influence non-thinking Americans to once again vote against their own self-interests in regards to overhauling or creating a new system of affordable health care coverage for every American. These "protesters" would have you think they represent mainstream America, but you'd have to go back decades in order to find such a "grassroots" display of discontent with a particular policy proposal; there wasn't THIS much "protest" over the senseless war in Iraq. These corporate dupes represent the paranoid fringe, and are supposed to get us to believe that the current system, one that is responsible for the majority of bankruptcies due to the inability to pay incredible (and still growing) health care costs, is better than creating a new system to cover everyone? Insanity! Total lassiez faire Capitalism is every bit as Utopian an idea as Socialism...neither government nor the Free Market can solve every porblem. America needs pragmatism, not ideology

Clifton B said...

Put their forefingers in their ears and shout la la la la la la la la.

I think this is exactly Nancy and Harry's plan.

Clifton B said...


I don't think the Dems are use to having their own tactics used against them. They are handling it very poorly.

Clifton B said...


You are so right, they are not worthy of the office WE GAVE THEM. Too many in Washington seem to think that the orders come from top down and not the other way around.

Clifton B said...


LOL good one!

Clifton B said...


What I am also finding odd is that Obama, Nancy and Harry are so blatantly living up to all the stereotypes that conservatives accuse them of. It defies logic.

Clifton B said...


Feel free to use it anytime!

Clifton B said...


I am going on the assumption that your post is serious (I have my doubts) but here goes anyway.

1. The only organized protesters I have noticed have been those in favor of Obama's plan. They all carry preprinted signs (can't they think of their own?) and matching tee shirts. BTW, have you seen this Craigslist ad in your area too?

2. You make an incorrect assumption in your analysis. That is you seem to think that the protesters are for keeping the status quo forever. Did it ever occur to you that they may very well be for reform but not the type currently being offered? Perhaps if Obama and the Democrats were willing to open the subject up to debate, they might find other ideas that were more agreeable to the masses.

3. If there is a real hunger for the reform currently being presented by Obama, where are the voices for it? At every town hall thus far, the nays have vastly out weighed the yeahs. Are we to believe that Republicans who are hardly known for protests, all of a sudden overnight developed astroturfing skills infinitely superior to Democrats and liberals who have been protesting everything under the sun since the 60s? Sorry but that is a stretch for me.

Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

If the protestors are in favor of reform, then they should make their intentions clearer, instead of coming off as being pro-status quo with their one-sided screaming and shouting...that's not a dialogue, that's a monologue. Finally, if there were more "ideas" available, then the Republicans should had presented alternatives before now. The fact is that Republicans smelled the writing on the wall insofar as their apparently complacency with the idea that the Free Market could resolve the growing numbers of the uninsured and the rising cost of health care, especially after having control of both the White House and Congress for 8 years (and no, silent token gestures of "reform" before now by Republicans don't count as "ideas"). You really should learn to see and think past the ideological dogma you embrace

Clifton B said...


1. What you are hearing from the protesters is the complete rejection of the current plan. Anyone who has read it (I am up to page 217) will see the bill does not match the promises.

2. Embrace dogma? Methinks you have a little bit of projection going on here bub. Yes, Republicans are offering Free Market ideas and the Democrats refuse to hear any of them. Remember, it was Free Markets that built and advanced this nation for over 200 years. One bump in the road doesn't mean we should abandon it completely. Especially for such a failed system like Socialism. Abandon YOUR dogma!

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