Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Black Conservative's weekly FMJRA

Hello dear readers and welcome to Another Black Conservative’s second Full Metal Jacket Reach Around (FMJRA). In this post ABC, pays shameless obedience to Rule #2. Since the last FMJRA I have seen a nice increase in traffic and have added five new followers (welcome aboard). It pays to spread a little Linky Love to your fellow bloggers.

This week’s Linky Love

Last week’s FMJRA was contagious for two bloggers. My Voice On The Wings of Change and Conservative Drive By both started their own versions of FMJRA and cited ABC for the inspiration.

Other bloggers picked up on my post and gave a little Linky Love that way. First we have Voting Female who picks up on my ACORN outnumbered post.

MAinfo and The Rude News both linked to the C-SPAN caller video, although The Rude News preferred the video of the Anti Obama Dog in that post.

The Canadian Sentinel and Saber Point both link to the little girl plant at Obama’s Town Hall. By the way, Saber Point has a rib splitting graphic about plants at Obama’s Town Hall, it is a must see.

Palination linked to my post on Sheila Jackson Lee, along with 3 forums, Digg and Propeller. They all seem to enjoy the Michael Jackson part.

Saber Point shows the full power of Linky Love in a post that explains how he created my new logo at the top of this page. Did you know that Saber Point also created the banner for Atlas Shrugs and Left Coast Rebel?

Linky Love for my fellow Black Conservatives

I want to point you all to three posts I read this week from my fellow black conservatives. First we have What’s The Word on the “un-American” behavior of Town Hall protests. Next we have The Truth In Black and Right with a very interesting post on Servility and Freedom. Last but never least Autograph Letter Signed on blacks and the Democratic Party, a must read.

Shout out to ABC’s big traffic drivers

I really should have mentioned these blogs in my first FMJRA. Week after week, the traffic from their blogs is amazing. I get more hits from these two blogs, than ACORN can bus in cronies to a Town Hall meeting. Keith’s Sports Journal is great blog when you want to take a break from politics and According to Nikki offers in your face conservatism. By the way, if there was ever a blogger who I would love to share a beer with, it would be Nikki! To see what I mean, check out this line from one of her recent posts:

"I love liberals, I really do. They are America's retarded little step-brothers and sisters that we tolerate because Jesus wants us to be kind to our enemies..."

See what I mean?

Posts of note

Here are some more posts that caught my eye this week. First is The Conservative Lady giving her thoughts of the day. Then we have Coffee Milk Conservative calling out her Congresscritters by name. Finally The Other McCain giving Maureen Dowd some very bad news about her vajayjay. You will die laughing!

New Kid On The Block

I have once again added a new blog to my blog roll. Check out Perennis. He has a very nice post on “President J. C. Watts”.

This concludes Another Black Conservative’s weekly Full Metal Jacket Reach Around until next Saturday. Oh, and don’t forget get Technorati on your blog!


Reaganite Republican said...

FYI Clifton- linked ya

My thanks to you for finally 86-ing Colin Powell, lol

Keep up the good work my friend... we got dem varmints on the run...

No need to post this, obviously- I don't see any email here

Clifton B said...

Reaganite Republican:

Did Technorati fail me? Will get you on FMJRA #3

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks Clifton, no worries- I don't think Technorati failed you... I just put that up.

We're both in this over the long-haul, and I read ABC almost daily- it's a great site, keep up the good work, sir!


namaste said...

thanks for the mention, clifton. you move so quietly around my blog.


David S Reif said...

Clifton, Nice comment on Perennis. As you suggest Mr. Watts is quintessentially American and he makes a good contrast to BHO. I also believe that Watts withdrew too early; however, he like Gov. Palin may have realized that he could not move ahead within the constraints of office. Right now my source information in OK is somewhat slim but I have heard that there is some chatter around Watts and Gov. Barbour of MS (former RNC Chairman)…I don’t know what that is all about.

Nikki said...

LMAO!!! Clifton I would love to share a beer with you(except it would be a diet coke for me, any alcohol in me would not be good trust me)!! We would laugh hysterically...I do have laughing disease. Thanks for the love and your great blogging. I always feel so honored to be linked to anyone, but especially bloggers I respect. thank you! :)N

Stogie said...

Thanks for the mention Clifton. I think you and Left Coast Rebel are my best blogging buddies. I really appreciate your friendship.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link love... drop a comment next time you stop by.


The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for the mention. It's very much appreciated. You do such a great job on your blog. Keep up the good work.

Clifton B said...


Nope Technorati did not fail. I see it now. Thanks for being a daily reader. Keep up the excellent work at the Resistance. BTW, you must have had an amazing stream of traffic from The Other McCain giving you top billing!

Clifton B said...


You're welcome, you have a great blog. Yep I am the silent blog visitor, LOL

Clifton B said...


Keep us posted about any Watts as Gov news. I would love to promote him on my blog if he does run.

Clifton B said...


Why am I not surprised you have laughing disease? I bet it is pretty contagious too! Glad to link you, I always get a chuckle out of your blog. Especially your I love Mitt post!

Clifton B said...


You and Saber Point are all aces in my book. Left Coast's blog is really getting huge!

Clifton B said...


You're welcome. I do have to get better at leaving comments. I am even lazy about that here on my blog LOL

Clifton B said...


Glad to give the mention, I always enjoy your blog.

One Ticked Chick said...

I'm just catching up on my reading and I appreciate the shout out. Your blog is always fun to read and has hooked me into so many other great conservative blogs. Thanks!

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