Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama Hitler posters at town halls is more astroturfing

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that now famous line about there being swastikas at the town halls, you just knew the media was going to find some creative way to make that statement true.

Here are two videos showing exactly who are bringing those Obama Hitler posters to the town hall meetings. They are liberals who support leftwing nut Lyndon LaRouche!

Please visit The Weekly Standard and TheBlogProf for full stories behind these two videos.

Via: The Weekly Standard

Via: The Blog Prof

Via: The Washington Post

Via: Memeorandum


Opus #6 said...

Yes, it was a nice try to try and pin this on conservatives.

Charley said...

This guy pretty much sums up how I feel about the situation in general. So frustrated by people who won't open their eyes and think for themselves.

Clifton B said...

Opus #6:

It is all about projection. That is the one of the liberals favorite weapons of choice.

Clifton B said...


Sadly the only way some people open their eyes is when they feel the bitter consequences. Hopefully we wont get to that point.

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