Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cheney slams Obama on Afghanistan yet again

Once again former Vice President Dick Cheney takes Obama and his administration to task for their handling of Afghanistan  and national security. Once again Cheney is refreshingly blunt about it too. From Politico:

MCLEAN, Va. — On the eve of the unveiling of the nation’s new Afghanistan policy, former Vice President Dick Cheney slammed President Barack Obama for projecting “weakness” to adversaries and warned that more workaday Afghans will side with the Taliban if they think the United States is heading for the exits.
In a 90-minute interview at his suburban Washington house, Cheney said the president’s “agonizing” about Afghanistan strategy “has consequences for your forces in the field.”
“I begin to get nervous when I see the commander in chief making decisions apparently for what I would describe as small ‘p’ political reasons, where he’s trying to balance off different competing groups in society,” Cheney said.
“Every time he delays, defers, debates, changes his position, it begins to raise questions: Is the commander in chief really behind what they’ve been asked to do?”
Cheney's sharpest critiques on Obama was on the image Obama presents to America's adversaries. I think it is more than safe to say Dick Cheney thinks Obama is a joke on the world stage.
“Here’s a guy without much experience, who campaigned against much of what we put in place ... and who now travels around the world apologizing,” Cheney said. “I think our adversaries — especially when that’s preceded by a deep bow ... — see that as a sign of weakness.”
Cheney doesn't stop there, he even questions Obama's understanding and belief in American exceptionalism.

During the campaign, Cheney recalled, he saw Obama as “sort of a mainline, traditional Democrat — liberal, from the liberal wing of the party.” But Cheney said he is increasingly persuaded by the notion that Obama “doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism — the idea that the United States is a special nation, that we are the greatest, freest nation mankind has ever known.”
“When I see the way he operates, I am increasingly convinced that he’s not as committed to or as wedded to that concept as most of the presidents I’ve known, Republican or Democrat,” he said. “I am worried. And I find as I get out around the country, a lot of other people are worried, too.”

Dick Cheney is probably the only person I have seen to date to give a very blunt opinion on Obama. However, with Obama's plan to increase the troop level in Afghanistan tonight, I suspect some Cheney-like bluntness to emerge from the left. 
Via: Politico


Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I find his bluntness (and yours) quite refreshing!
Obama's hesitancy (if one can call it that) concerning Afghanistan and then his hasty decision-making should send red flags to everyone. He doesn't know what to do. Decision-making is not easy but it's certainly helped when generals and other personnel offer their experience and knowledge. Coupled with his apologetic stances and alleged multiculturalism, Obama has made America look- well- stupid.
Sorry. One would think the president would really step up to bat for his country. I'm not seeing it.

MissTammy said...

God, I miss knowing Cheney was off somewhere, directly in charge of keeping us protected.

Obama just gave the worst speech ever, adding to my longing for Cheney again....basically bad-mouthed the military, said the mission in Iraq was a waste, and that the one in Afghanistan is not as important as the economy...and he said it at WEST POINT, of all places.

maddmath said...

Sun Tzu said a winning General looks for victory and then fights while a losing General fights and then looks for victory. Well, BO manages to take a step down for the worse. His stupid speech, which was more stupid than I thought it would be which says something because I didn't think he could any more stupid, has made a new low of an axiom. BO's mandate: fight and then search for defeat. Never in the history of warfare has a commander come out and admit that he wants to turn tail and run and gave our enemies a big moral boost and the victory they seek: a time line. They now know if they hold out for 18 more months, they will have their victory. BO is either the dumbest commander in history or the biggest traitor ever to sit as President. Everyone can take their pick because it's a draw as to which it is.

Clifton B said...


Obama's decision and dithering makes perfect sense when viewed as political objectives. However when viewed in terms of fighting a war, not so much.

Clifton B said...

Miss Tammy:

Despite some of the faults of the Bush administration, it was inhabited by ADULTS. Cheney is clearly one of them. God do I miss having adults at the helm.

Clifton B said...


Think of Obama's decisions here strictly in terms of domestic politics and it all starts to make perfect sense. Think of his decision in terms of winning a war and it is bat sh*t crazy.

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