Saturday, June 18, 2011

Andrew Breitbart invades Netroots Nation

Andrew Breitbart decided to visit the very progressive Netroots Nation yesterday.  He was immediately identified and this young man took him on.  The guy accuses a Breitbart staffer of racially accosting a Muslim women, but somehow is unable of identify said Breitbart employee. Probably because the story was made up on the fly.  The Right Scoop has more video of Brietbart's encounter.

You have to admit, given the number of liberal agencies and people Breitbart has exposed, it is pretty darn gutsy for him to show up at Netroots.  Unlike the public at large, everyone at Netroots knows who Andrew Breitbart is.  So his showing up there would be like Sarah Palin crashing a DNC fundraiser.  

Via: The Right Scoop

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