Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weinergate: You get what you vote for

Photo h/t: TMZ
When Anthony Weiner first said he wasn't going to resign after confessing to his online misdeeds, I thought to myself how could anyone be that addicted to staying on the public dole. Today, after several girls have come forward, his wiener out for public display, tales of his chats with an under aged girl and his fellow Dems telling him to go, Anthony Weiner is still refusing to resign.

Weiner is now looking at getting mental help (the boy sure needs some) as a ploy to hang on (we can call this the Mark Foley excuse). I don't know if that will be enough. Like I said in previous posts the longer he stays the more juicy tidbits will keep coming out (e.g. new pictures of Weiner posing at the House gym and Bill Maher's creative reading of Weiner's sexting).

What makes Weiner think he can hang on throughout all of this?  Well, basically the reason is us. Not you and I specifically, but We The People. Over the last half century or so, Americans have allowed their moral compass to fall into disrepair.

The latest polls on Weiner's constituents shows that they are willing to keep him.  This is after knowing all the lewd comments, naked photos and bold face lying. If the folks are willing to put up with behavior like that, why shouldn't Weiner try to hang on a little longer?

I do believe that his constituents should hold his fate in their hands. If they choose to keep him after all of that, then I hope they are not ones to complain about the quality of government.  When we choose to put our partisanship above our morals or when we refuse to hold our representatives to high standards, we end up with a government that is often only concerned with their own self interests rather than ours.

Anthony Weiner's online shenanigans and his boldface lying about it, had zero to do with looking out for his constituents.  His constituents were not even on his radar even though Weiner was hired and paid handsomely solely for the purpose of representing them. Weiner's desperation to stay in Congress also has nothing to do with representing his constituents and everything with his own self interest.  If Weiner's constituents cannot see this, then they deserve Weiner as their representative.

UPDATE: The light bulb comes on

As I was putting the finishing touches on this post, I notice now on Memeorandum that Weiner is considering that he may have to resign.  Well, it is about time.

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Just a conservative girl said...

I think the moral compass is more than just in disrepair. I think it is on life support.

Clifton B said...


Sadly, I have to agree 100%. Morality and commonsense has left America big time.

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