Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nice guys finish last - Jon Huntsman's stupid strategy

As the old saying goes, "nice guys finish last" and in the case of today's politics, nicer guys get torn to pieces. 

Get a load of this foolishness:
Politico: Jon Huntsman is trying out a novel strategy: running for president without criticizing the incumbent by name.
Since returning from his post as ambassador to China last month, Huntsman has made scant mention of the man who appointed him in May 2009—President Barack Obama. And his would-be campaign officials say that won’t change when the former Utah governor officially launches his campaign.
Obama’s political team has so far returned the courtesy. Even as they blast out a seemingly endless stream of attacks on Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, Huntsman’s two establishment GOP rivals, the DNC is issuing few press releases and pushing little opposition research about the man who until the end of April served in the administration.
It amounts to a de facto non-aggression pact that is as unconventional as it is tenuous. With a Republican primary electorate convinced Obama is doing grave damage to the country, it’s difficult to see how bloodless rhetoric about the administration and generalized talk about America’s challenges are the recipe for victory. And if Huntsman emerges as a strong contender, it’s improbable to think that a White House that affirmed his political potential by dispatching him to far-off Beijing would let him rise unchecked. [MORE]
What a friggin' loser! This sounds every bit as stupid as John McCain's refusal to use Rev. Wright against Obama. Why do so many Republicans insist upon using these silly Mr. Nice Guy rules when fighting Democrats? Democrats have been using dirty underhanded Saul Alinsky rules for decades and have now moved that practice into hyper drive. So why do Republicans cling to this failed high minded approach?

What perplexes me even more about this loser strategy is that the media will paint Huntsman as an evil meanie no matter how much he try to be Mr. Nice Guy.  If you are going to painted as a meanie, you might as well reap all the benefits of it and bash your opponent's brains out.

Huntsman's civility strategy will end up being like a man attacked by a pack of rabid dogs and doing nothing more than saying "down boy". 

In 2012, Obama and the left are going to tear into the GOP nominee with the same level of nastiness the use on Sarah Palin.  When the Republican establishment decided to let Palin fend for herself, they allowed the left to set a new standard to attacking Republicans.  This Mr. Nice Guy stuff will only make the left's dirty work that much easier.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

He's a non-starter. That pre-2008 playbook needs to be burned, and anyone who doesn't get that isn't smart enough to be president.

Clifton B said...


I too cannot understand why the establishment refuses to realize that politics have changed drastically since 2008.

All that old playbook stuff is a real loser.

Anonymous said...

>When the Republican establishment decided to let Palin fend for herself, they allowed the left to set a new standard to attacking Republicans.

And that is why the attack on Palin is not just attack on Palin. You don't need to be a fan to support her, or anyone who undergoes the same under-the-bus treatment.

The left had been extremely unfair to her, and as such, they'll apply the same dirty tricks to anyone they don't like.

Huntsman is a silly fool to work for Obama's admin in the first place.

Second Anonymous

kajun said...

What's the chance they (Dems) are using Huntsman as a decoy? I'll have to wait and see just how bad the 'attacks' on him are, from the Dems.
Remember they are dirty players and they'll throw sand in your eyes if it will help them win.
If they can split some votes then they will have succeeded.

maddmath said...

Another Republican bringing a pea shooter to a Nuke fight. Wonder why they lose so much? If it wasn't for the Tea Party, this country would be gone already.

Alpha Conservative Male said...

Yeah, but Huntsman is the man who the white house is most afraid of running for the Republican nomination, lol right ;-)

spc said...

White House would be afraid of him if he were running as a Democrat. All of these guys the media plays are, as Krauthammer said, Republicans they want to run, but will not vote for anyways.

Anonymous said...

He's a farcical candidate anyway. How on earth can any Republican primary voter vote for a guy whose been a member in good standing of the Obama administration and expect he's not going to govern like the RINO that he is? I've said that if he or Romney gets the nomination, I will probably never vote Republican again. When push comes to shove, I'm not sure if I'll follow through on that, but that's how I feel about these establishment RINOs.

Anonymous said...

If the main stream media likes a Republican candidate, it should be your first cue NOT to vote for this guy. Common Rick Perry!!! The media hates him == Best hope for us Republicans.

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