Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Michele Bachmann to Ed Rollins: Apologize to Team Palin

Behold the power of Palin.
Hot Air: When you’ve got a puppy with a habit of crapping on the carpet, you may need to rub his face in it to set him right.
Serious candidates require serious message discipline, and as of last Monday’s debate, she’s most definitely a serious candidate:
“We need Mrs. Bachmann out front and we need the campaign to be a real campaign with one spokesperson and a disciplined message,” said one Bachmann adviser granted anonymity to speak candidly about strategy…
Bachmann’s newly installed political team has had its own battles with message discipline — typified by campaign manager Ed Rollins’ recent comments alleging that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin hasn’t been “serious” over the last few years.
After the incident, Bachmann was “very firm” with Rollins, according to an adviser to the congresswoman, telling him this should not happen again and that there should be “no more press”. Bachmann also demanded that Rollins call the Palin people and apologize. “She is definitely not tone deaf,” the source added.
Bachmann’s move to limit her exposure in the wake of her debate performance is a smart strategy designed to avoid accidentally trampling on the momentum she built with that performance.
You knew this had to come sooner or later. If Michele Bachmann wants any chance of being "the" conservative candidate, she is going to have to be in good graces with Palinistas. As pundit after pundit tries to write off Palin 2012, it is clear Palin will play a major role in this election whether she runs of not.

I still think Palin is running in 2012 (have you seen this SarahPAC letter?). I still think the real question everyone should be asking is if Palin will run to win the nomination or run to shape the nomination. Either way, consider Ed Rollins officially spanked.

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Just a conservative girl said...

I am very surprised she hired him. Ed Rollins is a good at his job (this incident withstanding) but he is not a conservative. He is more the moderate Romney kind of guy. It seems like an odd fit to me.

I want to know how Palin justifies entering the race now. She said on many occassions she wouldn't run if there was a true conservative in the race. Cain and Bachmann are conservatives. While not every conservative will agree with either on all the issues, between the two of them they are right of center on every issue.

Anonymous said...

Why did she even hire this antique? He is NOT a conservative and has a history of sabotage.

Clifton B said...


I too find Rollins and Bachmann a very odd fit. I would love to ask her what she saw in him. If you ever run into her over there, please make sure to ask her why Rollins?

I think Palin can easily justify entering the race on the simple fact that neither Bachmann, Cain or Santorum thus far can win the nomination. She can also justify it by saying neither of those candidates have the heft to make sure no RINO candidate wins.

I truly believe that Palin has two options for 2012. Run to win the nomination or run to shape the nomination. If Bachmann looks like she can do either of the two, Palin will stay out. But the way things are going now, it doesn't look that way.

Clifton B said...


I too am scratching my head over that one.

Nick said...

I thought he was dead.

Or maybe I wished it.

Rollins was not any good at campaigning that I can remember. He's no Karl Rove or David Axelrod.

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