Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weinergate: Anthony Weiner resigns ... finally

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I had a very busy day today in real time and I have just now watched the Weiner resignation. It is almost like watching something from Bizzaro World. Here is Weiner talking like he is some wounded champion who can no longer fight the good fight for the people. Please! If Weiner's top priority was his constituents and his family he never would have found the time to play Captain Hook Up on Twitter. If he was half as conscientious about his job as he claims, he never would have wasted everyone's time with all the lies and the sideshow of not resigning sooner.

I think what really happened is his wife came home and laid down the law. She probably asked him why the heck was he continuing to humiliate her by dragging this sordid saga out.

Think back to Chris Lee's fooling around on Craigslist. Basically he was doing the same thing as Weiner. However, Lee resigned ASAP and thus we can scarcely remember his name. Anthony Weiner on the other hand drew out the saga of Weinergate for almost a month. The result will be that Weiner will be a national joke for the rest of his life.

On a side note, did you check out that jeering? I loved it! Especially when that guy shouts out "bye-bye pervert". It was like a nice dose of reality in the middle of Bizzaro World. You can read more about the heckling at The Blaze.

Via: The Blaze


Just a conservative girl said...

What really upset me was him mentioning his staff. As a person who worked on the hill, I feel very bad for them. They will get paid for the rest of the month and that is it.

It never occurred to him that his was putting their livelyhood at risk during his bizarre behavior.

They work very hard and now they have no job. Sad.

Clifton B said...


No surprise here, many in Washington talk a good game about "caring for the little guy" but so precious few really do.

Weiner was all about using his fame to test his sexual prowess, i.e. just another dude with a big job having a midlife crisis.

FIREBIRD said...

what a dog and pony show THAT was - politicians need to remember - ERECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

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