Thursday, June 9, 2011

WaPo & NYT to The Palin Haters: All Hands On Deck!

Tomorrow the state of Alaska will release over 24,000 emails from Sarah Palin's yahoo account. To say the left is salivating at the chance to find/ make up new dirt on Palin would be an understatement. So rabid is their hatred for Palin both the Washington Post and The New York Times are asking their readers to help in the muckraking (mudslinging).
The New York Times: On Friday, the State of Alaska will release more than 24,000 of Sarah Palin’s e-mails covering much of her tenure as governor of Alaska. Times reporters will be in Juneau, the state capital, to begin the process of reviewing the e-mails, which we will be posting on starting on Friday afternoon.
We’re asking readers to help us identify interesting and newsworthy e-mails, people and events that we may want to highlight. Interested users can fill out a simple form to describe the nature of the e-mail, and provide a name and e-mail address so we’ll know who should get the credit. Join us here on Friday afternoon and into the weekend to participate.
The Washington Post: Over 24,000 e-mail messages to and from former Alaska governorSarah Palin during her tenure as Alaska's governor will be released Friday. That's a lot of e-mail for us to review so we're looking for some help from Fix readers to analyze, contextualize, and research those e-mails right alongside Post reporters over the days following the release.
We are limiting this to just 100 spots for people who will work collaboratively in small teams to surface the most important information from the e-mails. Participants can join from anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection.
The Washington Post appears to have jumped the shark a little too much. The blistering response from the reader's comments has forced them to drop the idea of hand picking their Palin Haters. WaPo will instead follow the New York Times model.

This method of using readers to dig dirt is actually called crowd sourcing. It is a method of mine data. What I want to know is why didn't the New York Times or the Washington Post employ this method on something that is truly vital to America like the 3,000 pages of ObamaCare. We all know no one in Washington read that monster before it passed. Yet, here are two supposedly legitimate newspapers getting a mob together to create a Palin Hating gang bang. The whole thing reeks of media bias and fascism to me.

One thing for sure, Sarah Palin's greatest strength is that she generates so much hate from the left, that they are willing to drop all their phony veneers of compassion, tolerance, objectivity, you name it just to smear her. This unmasking will only work in her favor.

You know what would serve The Washington Post and The New York Times right? If everyone who likes Palin or who hates media bias read the emails and just draw attention to the nice ones. You know point out emails where Palin says something nice to her kids or shares a recipe or does something for a constituent. We should flood both papers with a gazzion tips on how wonderful Palin is. Make both newspapers sift through more tips than the actual number of emails just to find the dirt they are looking for. Hey, in these tough economic times, if we have to work like dogs to make a living, shouldn't the folks at WaPo and the Times have to do the same?

By the way, make sure to check out the comment at The Washington Post, they are blistering


Anonymous said...

When was the last time they spend so much time digging up, say, Hillary or Bill or Obama's info? Oh, no, you can't, because Obama spent millions to make sure none of his college writings get leaked.

There's a reason NYT is getting flushed down the history toilet.

Second Anonymous

ozzie said...

This is the most brutal thing I have ever heard of the media doing. It is so completely wrong, and they should never ever be allowed to claim ever that they are impartial and fair or that they don't try to hunt down and destroy conservatives.

When I read the story earlier today I could not believe it. Why not subject a Marxist POTUS to the same scrutiny? How about Weiner where there's actually evidence of wrong-doing and he's a sitting Congressman?

It's unbelievable that they're coming out as a strong-arm (bully or SEIU style organization) of the Democrat party.

Larry Sheldon said...

Will the bogus plants be identified?

Lisa, An American Mom said...

This makes me sick. I just don't know what else to say. I am just sickened and saddened.

Kartman said...

This woman has been under the microscope more than any candidate in history. Did we look at Obama's past this closely? The answer of course is no. We should have cared about his past since he had friends who are terrorist and his minister seems to hate this country.

News outlets like MSNBC will not give Sarah's family one minutes peace. I am happy to see Sarah so popular and making money from her fame. She has handled all this like a lady.

Matt said...

I have to wonder if this is an effort by Palin to get the MSM to make fools of themselves, not that they need all that much help, mind you.

Left Coast Rebel said...

This is the kind of crap that has made Breitbart such a star, his career is built upon giving Americans an alternative to the lamestream leftist press.

Janelle said...

Main Stream Morons..........

Clifton B said...

2nd Anony:

The media will never, ever, ever report on Obama honestly. If they every did, their culpability for the damage done to this country would become abundantly clear.

Clifton B said...


So long as you know that the media will be 100% behind Obama in 2012 and 100% against any Republican, then your shock is worth it.

Clifton B said...

Larry Sheldon:

Not a chance.

Clifton B said...


Best way to fight back is to get as many people as you know to read the emails for themselves. The emails really destroy the meme the media has crafted of Palin.

Clifton B said...


Given the brutal assault the media did on Palin, I am always impressed how she not only managed to survive but thrive as well. A testament to her strength.

Clifton B said...


I wondered the same thing. It would have been easy to predict that the media would tear into these emails like sharks that smell blood in the water. All one would have to do then is redact all the meat and feed them 24,000 pages of sugar, then watch the egg run down their faces.

Clifton B said...


Breitbart and any other impartial journalist can making a killing in America today.

Clifton B said...


No that is a catchy phrase!

Larry Sheldon said...

I've lost track of the actual news out of Alaska--is the administration there no pror-Palin or anti-Palin?

If the email release was doctored or cherry-picked, which is the most like outcome?

If it was sorted to be Palin-friendly, what is the likelihood that the leaches there would let it go un-shrieked-at?

Clifton B said...

Larry Sheldon:

Alaska is currently governed by Palin's running mate Sean Parnell. He has kept up with all of Palin's policies and as far as I can tell did not shake up the administration. So, yeah, he no doubt redacted favorably to Palin. The media must have known this but dived in anyway. Shows their desperation.

Larry Sheldon said...

I'm guessing he is straight-arrow then, and since the shrieking is not occurring, that he did a straight dump.

I assume (but don't know) that their lopsided ethics laws required the dump.

Clifton B said...

Larry Sheldon:

Parnell is a straight arrow. There were only maybe 1,000 or 2,000 emails that were withheld based on shielding the executive deliberative process or attorney client privilege.

The ethics law did require the dump. However, when the law was written it never envisioned a request like the one they got.

I don't believe that the story that they could not produce the emails in digital form. I believe that they were printed on paper and needed to be picked up in remote Juneau on purpose. The reason being, if you are going to dig dirt on Palin, bring your own shovel.

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