Friday, June 17, 2011

So, Mitt Romney thinks he is unemployed too

The New York Times: TAMPA, Fla. — Mitt Romney sat at the head of the table at a coffee shop here on Thursday, listening to a group of unemployed Floridians explain the challenges of looking for work. When they finished, he weighed in with a predicament of his own.
“I should tell my story,” Mr. Romney said. “I’m also unemployed.
He chuckled. The eight people gathered around him, who had just finished talking about strategies of finding employment in a slow-to-recover economy, joined him in laughter.
“Are you on LinkedIn?” one of the men asked.
“I’m networking,” Mr. Romney replied. “I have my sight on a particular job.” [MORE]
HA-HA, very funny, we get. But you know what? This type of joke leaves the same bad taste in the mouth as Obama's shovel ready joke. Everyone on the planet knows that Romney's heart aches for the job of POTUS. Everyone also knows that Romney is a very rich man and unemployment for him isn't quite  the same affair as the average Joe. Joking about unemployment, jobs and the economy at a time like this always takes away from the real struggle real people are facing.

If I were Mitt, I would start doing a little more listening at these coffee stops and fine tune that tin ear of his. Otherwise Mitt will find himself giving Obama the perfect soundbite he is looking for.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: The New York Times


bd said...

ref 1st para: exactly
ref 2nd pare: too late

no doubt a fine ceo type, but besides sell-out rino/elitist tendencies, this is prima-facie evidence of terminal political tone-deafness

An Ordinary American said...

Agree with BD--this is elitism at its best/worst.

Doubtful that nitMitt is worried about where his next cup of coffee or meal is going to come from and how he'll pay for it.

Only a politician can both joke about a citizen's problems while at the same time patronizing them and mocking them.

We already have that nonsense in the present POTUS. Don't need a repeat.


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