Saturday, June 18, 2011

Netroots Nation, the left vent about Obama

There were several stories on Memeorandum yesterday about how progressives at Netroots Nation vented their displeasure about the Obama administration. In a nutshell the complaints are that the Obama administration has not been progressive enough (i.e. Obama hasn't given enough attention to a particular grievance group).

To be fair to Obama, the administration has done its fair share of Hippy Punching. Publicly Obama has dismissed some of the concerns of progressives, but behind the scenes he is working hard to make their dreams come true. Take ObamaCare for instance. Many progressives lament that there was no public option or that ObamaCare did not directly move America to a single payer system. However, if you look at how ObamaCare will effect the current system, it is clear that it was designed to destroy the current system and clear the path for single payer.

So why does Obama treat progressives so shabby in public? Simple, it is because he knows he owns them. Obama realizes that these hardcore progressives will always pull the lever for him no matter what. Because Democrats have done a good job ideologically enslaving their base. They accomplished this by getting these various groups to see the right a pure evil. Thus, it becomes impossible to vote for the right or to just sit back and let the right win. Under this kind of thinking, you only have one choice and that is to keep voting for Democrats no matter how much they lie and cheat you.

Witness Obama's latest slap in the face to gays. The gay bloggers are up in arms, but you know, I know and Obama knows they will be vote for more abuse come November 2012.
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Adrienne said...

Stockholm Syndrome?

Liz said...

I stayed at the same hotel as the Nutroots people this weekend. And they are all a bunch of Big government Commies. I saw a woman with a shirt on that said 'I love taxes'.....Probably because she doesn't pay them! A lot of the Nutroots had 'Recall Walker' shirts and stickers. I saw Dream Act pins. Some Nutroots guys were out on the street corner talking bad about CEO's and passing out literature. I overheard a conservative say they went to a Nutroots session and the topic was "The Chamber of Commerce is my devil”. Meanwhile, at Right Online we were learning about how to promote freedom and liberty online. Conservatives need to distinguish themselves from the left because liberalism is what is wrong with America. And all good Americans need to understand that liberals are destroying this country, and if they want to leave a better country for our children and grandchildren than they will stop voting Democrat and vote for Constitutional Conservatives.

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