Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blatant Bias: Why the GOP nominee had better be a real street fighter

I want to call your attention to an actual headline on CNN today.

Yes this is an actual headline on CNN Money today. If you click through to the article, the rest of if is as equally partisan. In 2008 the media came out of the ideological closet to help get Obama elected. In 2012, I fully expect them to operate openly like the communications arm of the White House. They will not hide their intentions and they will be all crazy kinds of unfair.

This is why time and time again on this blog, I have stated that what Sarah Palin has endured these three years will be standard operating procedure for the GOP nominee. It does not make one bit of difference if our nominee is Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin herself. The media will do their best to trash the nominee any way they can.

So as you go about picking your favorites from the potential candidates, make damn sure the person you are picking knows how to take a punch and give it right back in equal measure. In 2012 wimpy Republicans need not apply.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: CNN Money


TheLoneConservative said...

As if last night wasn't proof, just another shiny example of the bias of CNN. I mean that's discounting pretty much every host has some sort of ties to the DNC. Gibbs anyone?

Solid Action said...

And I'd like to add that they'd better not fall into the trap of answering how opposing same sex marriage will hamper our economic recovery /sar.

Seriously, they need to stop answering stupid gotcha questions.

Nick said...

That's great advice Clifton. I'm still amazed at how Reagan held the media in the palm of his hands. Chris Christie does a good job too.

Why in the world did they pick CNN?

I didn't watch the debate but I saw a few outtakes - no one impressed me, but maybe that's what the media wanted me to see.

Huntsman is too late to the game, just like Thompson. Pawlenty... still thinking about him. Obamneycare was a good line, but it got all the mileage it's going to get.

I'm waiting to see who the front-runner is before I pull out my wallet again.

If we want better candidates, we had better start breeding them now. Rubio's good for two terms - in about ten years.

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