Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mitt makes it official- Romney announces his 2012 campaign

Mitt Romney launched his campaign today with a New Hampshire farm as a backdrop. Romney laid out a very strong case against Obama's failed economic policies. Unfortunately for Romney touting Obama's failures is only half the job. The other half is to lay out a credible alternative vision. The key word here is credible and credibility is where Romney fails miserably.

Romney has an exhaustive history of being a flip-flopper. This history is not going unnoticed either. Democrats are already making hay of it.
The New York Times: Democrats are already firing back at his economic argument. An Internet video released Thursday morning by the Democratic National Committeecast Mr. Romney as someone who takes positions out of convenience, not principle.
Mr. Romney is “going into this campaign with the same fatal flaws that doomed him the first time around,” said Brad Woodhouse, a Democratic National Committee spokesman. “That he’s seen as a wishy-washy, flip-flopping politician who lacks any core convictions or principles and who you simply can’t trust to shoot straight with you.”
The Democrats making hay of Romney's flip-flops is only the tip of the iceberg. The real problem is RomneyCare. No matter how many times Team Romney tries to deny it, RomneyCare is the baby brother to ObamaCare. For the grassroots conservative base RomneyCare is an unforgivable mistake.

When the debates get underway, Romney's political rivals will crucify him for RomneyCare. Sarah Palin gave Romney just a tiny taste of what is to come during this primary season. So long as Romney has to take time defending himself on RomneyCare, he will not be able to spend time laying out his vision for America. Without being able to sell his vision, Romney will be dead in the water.

I believe the GOP establishment is fretting about this flaw. This is why you constantly hear names like Tim Pawlenty, Chris Christie and now Jon Huntsman being talked up. The establishment is looking for a backup to Mitt. Should Romney disappoint early, look for the establishment to swing hard behind Huntsman, Pawlenty or whomever the RINO of the month is.

I often wonder what really motivates Romney. Truly great and successful presidents have a vision of where the country needs to go at a certain time. They make their case and take us there. I don't get that from Romney. Instead, I get the impression that even if Obama was the smashing success that Hope and Change promised, Romney would still be running in 2012. Romney would run simply because "being president" is the next box to be check off on his resume.

As flawed as Romney might be, there is still a chance we could get stuck with him as the nominee.  So long as conservatives cannot agree on a single candidate, Romney has a chance of winning with just votes from moderates and the establishment.  Pray not.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: The New York Times


Pedaling said...

and if he does end up getting the nomination, would you vote for him?

just curious.

James Kirk Haselden said...

Dude, get a clue! Actually do some research before posting a bunch of regurgitated nonsense and me too analysis. Good grief.

Clifton B said...


Would I vote for Romney if he gets the nomination? Yes. Would I be as enthusiastic a supporter if the nominee was Palin or Cain? Nope.

I voted for Romney during the 2008 primaries. He was my third choice after Thompson and Giuliani crashed and burned.

Clifton B said...

James Kirk:

Dude! I have done my homework on Mittens. I did it in 2008 when I voted for him in the primaries. In 2012 I find his record lacking.

Ten Mile Island said...

I've heard a rumour that the Mayor is looking at a possible run, again. Have you heard anything?

Anonymous said...

"The Office of the Presidency is not a trophy to be handed around amongst a cadre of corrupt elitist pricks like you." ←

Kartman said...

We (the Republicans) tried a rino in 2008 and lost. I hope we nominate a true conservative this time and that is not Mitt. I think Cain is a good choice. I do not think Palin will run. If Perry decides get in the race he might be a good choice.

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