Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That's Sarah Palin® to you! Sarah Palin trademarks her name

The Atlantic: A few months ago, an attorney for Sarah and Bristol Palin put in an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark their names. (One of many things that suggests that profit, and not the presidency, is what's motivating Palin.) For Sarah Palin, the intent was a little less clear cut than it was for her daughter, as this article in Politics Daily made clear:
For Sarah Palin's application, there are two classes of commercial service for which her name would be a registered trademark. One is for "information about political elections" and "providing a website featuring information about political issues." The second is for "educational and entertainment services ... providing motivational speaking services in the field of politics, culture, business and values. 
The "Bristol Palin" application is for "educational and entertainment services, namely, providing motivational speaking services in the field of life choices."
According to the same reporter, the deadline to challenge Palin's application passed on Friday and -- amazingly -- nobody seems to have challenged it. So it looks like the Patent and Trademark Office will award both patents trademarks in the near future. Better hold off on those bootleg Palin T-shirts you were thinking about printing up. For anyone who's curious, here's Palin's trademark application.
I beg to differ. While most see a profit motive, I see a very crafty way to kill a lot of that anti Palin crap floating about the net. If Palin is trademarked, all those anti Palin websites, tee shirts and other nasty things will be infringing on her trademark. Either they pay up or they shut down. If you are running for president, what better way to protect yourself and your image from the hoards of lefties who will try to smear you?

The media and the left won't see it that way because they are locked into the idea that Palin is not running and that she is all about the money. However, if Palin is running she just bought herself one powerful weapon against those who want to smear her. Just take a look at what trademark infringement entails.


Kartman said...

Good for Sarah.

Just a conservative girl said...

And you don't see a problem with a politician using a trademark?

What she does in her business affairs is her own business, more power to her.

But in a role as a politican this is a real problem. Dissent is a necessary part of our system.

Would you be happy if Obama had a "crafty way to kill a lot of the anti" stuff. Put Obama name in that sentance instead of Palin's. Are you ok with that? If not, you shouldn't be ok with this.

Marian said...

Were it anyone else, I would not have thought a bit beyond the most obvious interpretation of the move. But this is Sarah Palin here, avant garde in approach and with a proven knack for staying brilliantly one step ahead. They can't understand her and yet, just as with the bus tour and everything else she successfully does, they'll probably arrogantly decry her "stupidity", all the while not realizing how completely stupid they themselves look.

The Vineyard said...

I think you are right on with your assessment of Palin's trademark move.

Gary said...

Stick a fork in this wiener. Her 15 minutes of fame are long over.

It is time to move on.

Anonymous said...

The trademark symbol is TM; That picture has a Copyright symbol. Just Saying...

Clifton B said...


She earn it.

Clifton B said...


Having a registered trademark doesn't stop people from dissent. The media is still free to criticize her all they want for free. People are still free to express themselves and make all the ugly Palin posters, bumper stickers and websites, they will just have to pay Palin for the privilege.

It is a brand new idea in politics. Which is sure to be a trend. What will the full effect be? I really cannot say.

I do admire her for thinking way outside the box.

Clifton B said...


The left love to say that Obama was playing 3 dimensional chess during his campaign. I think they are about to get a taste of 4 dimensional chess from Palin. Everyone is so convinced that she won't run, they are ignoring some very obvious moves by Palin.

Something tells me it is going to be fun watching her this election.

Clifton B said...


I think so too. If you pay attention to Palin, it looks like she is entering a "clean up her image" phase. There is the tour to build back excitement in her. Then the movie to get her record out and now this trademark which has the power to take out a lot of anti palin media.

Clifton B said...


I hate to disappoint you but, I think she has only begun. Buck in, it is going to be one heck of a ride.

Hefmier said...

Clifton B said...

Anonymous @ 5:37 pm:

Sorry but you are mistaken.

TM = Trademark (no registration) can be used by anyone.

® = Register Trademark, which is exactly what Palin has.

© = Copyright symbol

The picture is correct.

Clifton B said...


Sorry I deleted your comment by accident. I copied it below. My Bad.

Hefmier: I see no problem having Sarah Palin using a trademark on her name, celebrity or politician. She is perhaps the most vetted politican in the history of the US, certainly in my lifetime. I have long since lost count of all of the COMPLETELY UNPROKED smears that have been brought on this woman, since August 29, 2008. If any politician is worthy having a trademark is this woman. So, JACG, if you are reading this and you are still upset that Sarah Palin should not use a trademark as a politician, then you have not completely paid attention to all of the crap that this woman has gone through.

Alpha Conservative Male said...

Very clever idea on behalf of Palin, daughter and mom

Karen said...

That is actually not true.

I can't sell a PalinQuitter™ doll but I can host a website and talk about Sarah Palin (no TM) and mention her name over and over with no recourse from the Trademarked one.

check with a lawyer, a Constitutional Lawyer, like our President perhaps, about the First Amendment.

TomPaine said...

Good for Sarah! She has found a terrific way to reduce dissent, although that does bring up freedom of speech problems. I also think she has been brilliant at figuring out how to get personally rich from using the political process, Fox, etc. Nice to see some good entrepreneurial spirit shaking up a dull field!

Nick said...

Unfortunately, it won't work.

First, there's the Fair Use doctrine.

Second, she's a public figure.

Bayer couldn't keep their trademark "Aspirin" from becoming common usage.

What I'd like to see more of is defamation lawsuits. Attacking someone's views is one thing. Intentionally lying about them is another.

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