Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bachmann 2012 - The damage is already done

Yesterday, Michele Bachmann's new campaign manager Ed Rollins let fly so pretty crude attacks on Sarah Palin. Of course, the media jumped at the chance to trumpet that the Palin-Bachmann cat fight is on. However, the way I see it, it is already over.

First, the blow back from Rollin's comments are already rolling in and Team Palin is demanding a retraction. Second, and most importantly, the very voters who would support Bachmann are completely turned off by Rollins and his comments. Without these voters, Bachmann is going to get very far in this race.

But the biggest damage Rollins did to the Bachmann campaign, is that he gave Sarah Palin the very line of attack she was looking for against Bachmann.

On Sunday, when Chris Wallace interviewed Sarah Palin, Wallace asked Palin about Michele Bachmann. Palin hinted that her executive experience trumped Bachmann (see the 23:15 mark).

What better way to point out Bachmann's lack of chief executive experience than to say that she did not know how to pick the right campaign manager? You cannot get a better example of that then with Ed Rollins.

While it maybe very unfortunate that Bachmann is sunk before she even sets sail for 2012, it does help conservatives to narrow their choice for 2012. If Bachmann is out, then the two real contenders for 2012 will be Herman Cain and Sarah Palin (yeah, she is going to run).

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LL said...

If the conservative choice is between Bachmann and Cain, we're in big trouble. I'd throw Sarah Palin into that pile as well. I'm not opposed to any of those three candidates, but I don't think any of them can win. Because while things in America are quite bad, many people don't want them to get worse. Neither Bachmann, Cain or the admittedly charismatic Palin handle themselves all that well at looking presidential.

And let's face it, at the risk of calling American voters shallow, they are.


I'm not happy with any of the Republican candidates in the field -- not any of them. And whoever rises to the top gets my vote. However, I'm one of those independent voters who thinks that we need to shed ourselves of Obama and his flying circus. But there are a lot of independent voters who are very leery of Palin/Bachmann/Cain level of experience when we elected the inexperienced Obama and he made a hash of it.

ozzie said...


In order to admit that inexperience is a problem they would have to admit that Obama is a disaster... a scary proposition considering Hilary is waiting for her moment.

Justine said...

I am saddened by this rift - whether real or hyped by an all-too-eager media - between two of my favorite conservative ladies. If you go over to C4P, some of the comments about Bachmann are outright nasty, and unnecessarily so (and about Cain, too - sheesh, loving Sarah P. does not mean hating everyone else). And now, Ed Rollins's absolutely blindsiding attack on the Guv - and why? I would love to see all GOP candidates (especially the conservative ones) stick together and give it good and hard to President Obama, then let the votes fall where they may. I know they need to differentiate between themselves for the primary voters, but 2012 ought to be, at its core, what my mom used to call "a united front."

Hefmier said...

Justine, as a frequent commenter over at C4P, I apologize on behalf of the majority of people over there, who condemn the disparagement of Michele Bachman. While I personally have concerns in regards to some of Michele's recent actions, I believe that it is wrong to personally attack her,and the other candidates which, unfortunately, has been the case. Most people over there love BOTH Sarah and Michele, but there are a number of people at C4P that get really over zealous. We actually had one very frequent commenter suspended from commenting for a few weeks, but since being allowed to comment again, he has not learned his lesson. Again, I apologize for the behavior of some of the commenters, but I hope that it will not turn you off from visiting the site, as we have a lot of great information over there. God Bless.

Alpha Conservative Male said...

Rollins is an idiot. By attacking Palin, he's attacking Palin's supporters. Bachmann will be looked upon negatively among Palin supporters, because she hired this clown, thus they will think she supporters his sleazy tactics against Palin.

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