Monday, June 13, 2011

The New Hampshire Debates - What will you be looking for?

Tonight CNN is hosting the Republican debate in Manchester New Hampshire.  The field will include Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann,  Ron Paul,  and Rick Santorum.

Here is what I will be looking for:

Herman Cain:  I want to see how Cain handles himself with Bachmann and Romney in the mix.  Right now Cain is the strongest declared conservative.  He is way out ahead of both Bachmann and Santorum.  In the last debate, Cain easily out shined Santorum and establishment favorite Pawlenty.  Can Herman do it again with Romney and Bachmann in the field?

Michele Bachmann:  I want to see how she handles the debate and matches up against Herman Cain.  Of course I am dying to see how she will handle the inevitable Palin/ Rollins debacle. Her response will be quite telling.

Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty: This should be the source of all the friction in this debate.  Romney is the front runner thus far so all the others will try to knock him down.  Pawlenty has a lot to gain by knocking off Romney so I expect he will be throwing the most elbows.

CNN's behavior:  CNN is no friend to conservatives.  They have had plants in some of their past debates.  I suspect they will be extra unfriendly to both Cain and Bachmann.  Let's watch and see just how much bias CNN  exhibits tonight.

Newt Gingrich: I will be watch this clown purely for entertainment value.  I cannot imagine him saying anything that could resurrect his disastrous campaign.  Look for CNN to ask Newt all the ugly questions.

What will you be watching for in this debate?  Sound out.

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Pat Austin said...

I'll be looking for Paul Ryan. Wishfully.

kajun said...

I don't know about tonight's debate. I'm hoping Cain shows very strong again and I think he will.

I can't for the life of me understand what people see in Romney. It's so evident to me that he's all about the same ideals that Obama has, just about. He's a typical RINO and of course he'll say/do anything to get to the big dance.
Michele is one that I had high hopes in at the start. But when she hired her handler and he started out after Palin, who isn't even running, yet, and she didn't say anything or do any thing aoubt it.. that sorta opened my eyes a bit. I mean what will she do if she's elected and doesn't have the the fortitude to stand up to those liberals and RINOs on Captal Hill.

Newt?? I figure he'll get a pass from CNN. He's probably the closest thing to a liberal on the Republican side. He was a somewhat 'fighter' at one time in his career but now he's just a career politician looking for a job.

I do really like what Pawlenty says but again I have my doubts. Truly I don't know enuff about him to make a honest guess... so I'll just watch and see.

But if ya put any money on my hunches.... you'll 99-1 lose. lol

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Aw, Pat stole my line. I'll be wishing Paul Ryan was up there, but as he's not . . . .

I'm not expecting much to be honest. None of these candidates really does it for me, but if this is what we end up with, I'll have to start trying to get worked up about one of them.

P. S. if CNN does go after Cain, can we all, in a single-voiced chorus, shriek RAAAAACISSSTTTT!? Or are we too mature for that? ;)

Clifton B said...

Pat Austin:

I hear ya, but we have to work with what we got :-(

Clifton B said...


Newt?? I figure he'll get a pass from CNN. He's probably the closest thing to a liberal on the Republican side. He was a somewhat 'fighter' at one time in his career but now he's just a career politician looking for a job.

I finished watching the debate and you nailed this right on the head.

Personal Home Inspector said...

Democrats ask you this question. Why didn't your party pass all the bills, and make them law when they had the super majority? The American people handed them the perfect storm and the Democrats did nothing.

Online Home Inspector said...

I don’t see it happening however that evolution has to start somewhere. I only just opened my eyes to it and I see it as a worthy cause to at least bring out so people can look into it. It’s all about education. There will be a financial collapse coming but when I do not know but turmoil will be around and follow will be needed. What Ron stands for as you state, is at least a start to what is now. Military Industrial Complex needs to come down for the entire world.

Great Golf Strategies said...

They all will tell us what is wrong with Obama but not tell us what PLAN they would favor that would put America back to work or sue up the economy. Because they do not have one except for gays, and women's reproductive issues what? We need the health plan and so far because of Obama collage men and women can be on their parents health care until they are 26.this saves money because the do not have to use emergency rooms when sick. With the cost of education sky high students will be protected. It can work but not with the party of no. and hell no. So far what jobs bills have been put on the floor by the house controlled by the GOP??? .If any one could point to one (positive) thing that was done since the new congress it might be a talking point. When you point a finger at someone three point back at you. The effort by the conservatives and the GOP seems to take away rights, and put their religious dogma into law.

Clifton B said...

Great Golf Strategies:

You did not watch the debate did you? Come on, don't try and fool me that you did. Because if you had bothered to watch the debate rather than just recaps from unreliable sources you would have known that the very first question was about job creation and the second question was about Tim Pawlenty's plan for sustain 5% growth.

So please don't go blowing smoke up our asses about gays and women's rights. Watch the whole debate and then offer something intelligent.

Now regarding ObamaCare and adult children staying on their parent's plan, do you really think that saves money? Do you really believe that insurance companies are just going to eat the cost of that or are they simply going to raise premiums to cover the additional cost. I am fairly certain your parents or grandparents told you that old saying "there is no such thing as a free lunch". That saying clearly applies here.

Regarding jobs bill. The government cannot create private sector jobs. Not Obama, not Bush, not Clinton or even Palin. All government can do is create an environment that is friendly to investment. That means easy on the regulations and taxes. Even if Republicans could pass a magical "jobs bill", Republicans only control the House. For any bill to become law, it requires a matching bill to be pass by the DEMOCRAT control Senate and signed by the DEMOCRAT president Obama. In case you have not noticed, Obama and the Democrats are quite hostile toward all Republican proposal. Given these real facts what exactly are you expecting Republicans to do?

Here is my question to you, since you are so hot about Republicans not doing anything how come you were not raging when Democrats completely failed to pass a budget two years running. One of the main reasons why spending is so out of control is because Democrats refused to make a budget. Even Obama never asked them for one. How come no hooting and hollering over that? Humm?

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