Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Roll Reversals: The media whines about Palin

For almost three years now the mainstream media (MSM) has been on a mission to destroy Sarah Palin. The MSM has not missed a single opportunity to distort Palin's record or to portray her in the most negative light possible.  To add to the assault, whenever Palin comments on the media's over the top behavior they accuse her of "whining".  For anybody else this would be the Catch 22 from hell, but not for Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has effectively turn the tables on the media with her One Nation bus tour.  Palin has design the tour to have the look and feel of a campaign tour. Yet, the tour also fits the bill for exactly what Palin says it is; a tour of historical sites that played a role in America's history and foundation.  Palin uses this ambiguity to the hilt and has refused to release any information about where the bus is going next.  The result is that the media is now forced to follow Palin's bus or accept her own written accounts on SarahPAC.

The media has become so frustration they are now the ones doing the whining.  The media has whined that Palin refuses to follow their standard protocol, that she has turned them into paparazzi or she has created a dangerous driving situation and they even whine that she may be breaking Federal flag law (ROTFLMBAO over that one).

I think the MSM's real frustration has little to do with Palin not accommodating them.  Instead, I think the MSM's frustrations stems from the fact that after almost  3 years of character assassination, Palin is still standing.  Worse yet she is still a happy camper.  Palin's resilience reminds the media of their growing impotence in the age of new media and social networks. But the part that really gets their biased little hearts aching is that Palin keeps resurrecting herself.

The media declared Palin dead after the 2008 election and she stayed popular. When she stepped down as governor, the MSM declared her political career dead, but Palin came  back stronger than ever.  Then the MSM blood libeled her over the Arizona shooting and once again said she was politically dead.  Now Palin is back and making more buzz than all the 2012 GOP contenders combined.

Deep down inside you just know that under the MSM's frustrations they have real fear. They fear that Palin will pull off the ultimate resurrection and waltz right into the White House in 2013.

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Bastiat Fan said...

"Deep down inside you just know that under the MSM's frustrations they have real fear. They fear that Palin will pull off the ultimate resurrection and waltz right into the White House in 2013."

From your lips to G-d's ears, Clifton.

Lisa, An American Mom said...

I love it. Go Sarah! A recent caller on Rush called them the "old" media. So true. I am not sure how mainstream they are or will remain at the rate they are going.

I love that Sarah is throwing them for a loop and they are pissed. People make think she is a little nuts for doing things her way, but I like it. It's on her terms. She is a smart cookie.

Black Man said...

I just wish they would ignore her.

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