Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sean Hannity, please stop feeding the poser!

Sean Hannity once again gave some airtime to poser extraordinaire Donald Trump.  I thought it was abundantly clear that Donald Trump was neither a real Republican or a serious presidential candidate.  Yet, here is Hannity giving this windbag airtime to bash Republicans. Even Palin's sit down with Trump had me gritting my teeth.  Why is anyone still wasting time on this guy?

Memo to The Donald: Please focus on the next season of The Apprentice and leave Republican politics alone.  No one is buying your BS anymore!

Via: Fox News
Via: Newsmax


Nick said...

I still remember when he was the brokest rich guy on the planet.

He's a joke - another Ross Perot. Living proof that you don't need more than two brain cells to make money, and more than that might actually be an impediment.

I like Sean, but his show is getting boring. I don't even bother to watch him anymore. I'm enjoying watching reruns of NCIS.

ozzie said...

I haven't seen O'reilly in a few years now (other than clips I catch online). I tried to watch last week and right as I tune in, there is Trump on the show....changed the channel, but I was committed, so I tuned back in after a few minutes- they had come back from commercial break and on was Geraldo-- WTF!! Last time I try-

Anyways, on point, Trump is an idiot that is pandering like a fool to get attention. Stu from the Glenn Beck show called it from about day one. Hannity is an establishment fool and I expect nothing from him.

Justine said...



Libertarian Advocate said...

These talking head guys (right and left) need to fill air time. Accordingly, they go first to those self-promoters they know to a certainty will say yes to an invite.

Trump is a funny guy, I get a kick out of him in small doses, but he's no free market maven.

I can't tune in Fox News for long. I feel like its produced and edited by the most severely afflicted ADD sufferers on earth.

Just a conservative girl said...

I agree with Ozzie that Hannity is a party hack. He doesn't stand by conviction when republicans are wrong. They are not always right and should be called on it when they make a mistake.

Also, I think that Fox calls the shots on some of the guests at least. Trump must still be pulling in the ratings. Why? That is a question that I cannot answer.

I don't listen to talk radio unless a really big event is going on, so it would be interesting to know if Hannity also has him on his radio program.

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