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Rick Perry at RLC - A preview of Perry 2012?

CNN: New Orleans, Louisiana (CNN) – As speculation mounts about his presidential ambitions, Texas Gov. Rick Perry delivered a rousing and unapologetic defense of conservative principles on Saturday at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.
Perry repeatedly brought an audience of hundreds of Republican activists to their feet with a small government message reminiscent of the one that helped him win an unprecedented third term as governor last November.
Perry said there is "too much spending, too much interfering and too much apologizing" in Washington.
"Stand up!," Perry thundered. "Let's speak with pride about our morals and our values and redouble our effort to elect more conservative Republicans. Let's stop this American downward spiral!"
Perry made no mention of his political plans and avoided the media by slipping out the back of the hotel where the conference was held following his speech.
But it was clear that the governor was positioning himself as a conservative heavyweight with a credible economic record should he decide to join the crowded Republican presidential field. [MORE]

I watched the speech and I really did like what I heard. However, I have to admit, I have not done my homework on Perry's record, so I cannot say whether or not I believe he is the real deal. (Texas readers, help me out. What should I start looking at regarding the Perry record?)

From the speech I get the impression that Perry is a fighter who won't wither under the Obama and the left's assault. (Again, Texas readers help me out, is Perry a barroom brawler or just another lightweight with a big mouth?).

I am already hearing some of the left's attacks on Perry (secessionist and "another Texas governor" = Bush). I don't see these arguments holding much water in the face of the current state of the nation. (Seceding from an out of control Washington sounds quite sane and who care where the guy is from if he really has a record of creating a job friendly environment).

If Perry's record is the real deal, he could easily become the conservative candidate the base is looking for.

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Kartman said...

Like you, I have not studied his record much. I like most of what I've heard. I do disagree with him when allowing illegal Immagrant's children to pay in state tution.

I predict that he will run and win the nomination. Unless I find out some things that I do not like, I will support him.

How about Perry/Bachmann?

An Ordinary American said...

Native Texan here.

I'm not crazy about his pandering to illegals, but politically speaking, in Texas, if you DON'T, then you're dead in the (political) waters.

It really is that simple.

One can argue Arizona didn't, but Arizona doesn't have anywhere near our population or business hubs or ports-of-entry.

If one wants to compare two states with the highest populations of Hispanics, then compare Texas with California--then ask yourself: Which state is better off, has lower crime, has a better quality of living with a lower cost of living.

Ask yourself: Where are the jobs in this nation moving to--California or Texas?

Perry likes to delegate and avoid conflict by making his positions firm at the outset. So there hasn't had to be much brawling in Austin.

However, when the Democrats fled the state to New Mexico in order to try and delay/avoid voting on redistricting, Perry wouldn't have none of it.

He sent the DPS and Texas Rangers to pick 'em up.

Result? We got our redistricting.

Check the news out with his "back atchyas" directed at Washington, Obama, Biden and Pelosi.

Secessionist? A lot of us Texans are secessionists, and as you said, secessionists from WASHINGTON, not the U.S., which Washington DC no longer represents.

I really wish Perry would not run for President because the media and northerners really seem to get extra energized whenever we send a Texan up to DC.

But I'll dang sure take Perry over ANYONE the Democrats offer up.


Anonymous said...

He hasn't stated if he's jumping into the 2012 race or not, but that sure sounded like a campaign speech to me.
I've voted for him for gov. each time since he became Gov. when George Bush was elected president. Perry was the Lt. Gov. then.
I have some concerns about how well he can stand up Against the RNC and old school GOP. They're all RINOS and don't like any candidate they can't control.

SB Smith

FIREBIRD said...

I blog on another site and my friends from Texas, who are conservatives, don't have great things to say about him - but I like what I hear from him. I could work with a Perry/Bachmann ticket. He must be doing something right in Texas since the vast majority of new jobs 'created' in the country are in Texas.... he's definitely worth a closer look

Chris said...

This is just more proof that conservatives know how to fix the economy and the country. Liberals can't see what is right in front of them and that is why liberals are crazy. They see things that aren't there and they don't see what is right in front of them. Liberalism has failed every time and yet they keep trying to make it work. That is battshit crazy. What else should we expect from the people that say abortion and Islam is good?

Clifton B said...


I started doing my homework and I have to say, I find Perry lacking. The tuition for illegals is not a winner for me. I also read about this business with forcing parents to get their girls vaccinated against HPV. A wee bit dictatorial. I certainly was not overjoyed by his association with Al Gore either.

Me thinks I will hit the pause button on Perry.

Clifton B said...


You bring an enlighten perspective. I read some troubling things that I addressed in the above reply. Could your apply your first hand Texan perspective to those things? I would find it quite helpful.

Clifton B said...

SB Smith:

In my first reply I mentioned somethings that I was not crazy about with Perry. Can you bring your Texas perspective to address them?

Clifton B said...


Like you I am getting mixed messages. I am trying to ask my Texas readers about their perspective on the troubling stuff to see if we are getting mixed messages on the national level.

I don't think a Perry/ Bachmann ticket would ever fly with the establishment. I am thinking that for 2012 if a conservative wins, we will have to take a RINO VP to ensure unity. In other words think along the lines of Perry/ Pawlenty

Clifton B said...


Thankfully, liberals miss the obvious. The support of the crazy will be their downfall in 2012.

Kartman said...

After I saw your blog about Perry's association with Al Gore,
I did my own research and found what you were referring to. I too have a real problem with this assiciation and must rethink my strong support for Perry.

I am orginally from Texas but retired from the Air Force in Louisiana so have not kept up with Tx. politics. Family and friends still in Tx. also have problems with Perry.

An Ordinary American said...


Don't get me (or any other Texan) wrong--we don't have a lovefest with Perry, but given the option of this past election (leftist Dem from Houston), Rick Perry was head & shoulders the better choice.

The mandatory vaccination against HPV. . . had a problem with it, right up to the point that my eighteen-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Stage 2 cervical cancer because her biological mother refused to have her vaccinated.

We adopted this young lady when she was sixteen and her "mother" is a real piece of work.

Unfortunately, parenting is NOT getting better here in Texas or anywhere else. I don't like the idea of nanny gov't officials dictating/mandating much of anything.

But on the flip side, so long as we have liberals who are mandating aberrant and deviant sex education in the classroom and at earlier and earlier ages, STDs will only become worse.

The connection between Perry and the board of the company who produced the vaccine was worrisome but I normally don't pay a lot of attention to conspiracies.

I heard all the conspiracies I needed for eight years every time Dick Cheney sneezed and Halliburton stock moved.

Perry is not perfect, not even close. He IS, however, far more fiscally responsible than any governor we've had here in the past thirty years--including George W Bush, who simply was NOT a fiscal conservative.

Perry will sign any pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment bill that comes across his desk.

Perry despises Washington and loathes Washington elites. He never got along with even our own U.S. Senators and very view House members.

That could bite him the butt, but not too many of us here in Texas like a dang thing about Washington except the highways leading out of it.

You will hear unflattering things about Perry. The reason is that most true Texans despise politicians and we will NEVER fully accept, like or support ANY elected leader.

We view them much as rattlesnakes. They can be dangerous, to be sure, but we also know we can crush their head under the heel of our boot any time we want.

Our smart politicians know that, and act/vote accordingly.

Perry is a smart politician.


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