Monday, June 6, 2011

Weinergate: The Weiner comes clean

Man was that a crazy press conference. First, Andrew Breitbart taking the podium is was unbelievable. Talk about perfect timing.

You can just feel the media's hostility towards Breitbart. They hate the fact that he once again is way out ahead of the MSM as far a breaking big stories. They also hate Breitbart because he has claimed another liberal scalp. At any rate Breitbart's part of the presser was certainly must see tv.

I was feeling sympathetic for Weiner right up until the time the dolt said, he was going to take question. Take question? What a *&^%$# moron. The absolute last thing you do in a situation like this is to take questions. It reminded me of that damn fool Mark Sanford.

The other part that lost me was the not resigning nonsense. Good grief how hard up are the lefties to stay on the public dole? Doesn't Weiner realize the jig is up? He will never be able to be the progressive attack dog he once was. The first time he tries snarking on a Republican all they have to do is call him out for being a pathetic liar and a cheat, and they will be damn right.

Furthermore, by not resigning, Weiner is inviting all those other girls to come forward for huge payday's. How much do you think the Enquirer will pay for all the nitty gritty details from any of those girls? Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Already one of these women has started to talk publicly.

Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are already making tracks away from Weiner. I guess is that sooner or later he will realize that he has to resign. 

What I am waiting for and no doubt you too, is to hear from Huma Weiner. That is one beautiful woman who will have no problem finding herself a more faithful man. I wonder if she will walk?

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Matt said...

Why do so many politicians lack the honor to either not do this kind of thing in the first place, or have the sense to leave once they have shamed themselves?

Clifton B said...


To answer your question, I would say it has a lot to do with so many of these elected officials feeling powerful.

They get elected and believe they are over the law, that things like morality, getting caught, etc is beyond them.

I think if elected officials were to go back to thinking of themselves as servants, we would see a lot less of this arrogance.

Nick said...

I stopped the Weiner video the fifth time he used the passive voice to describe what he did.

I learned in the military that the passive voice is the coward's way to avoid taking direct responsibility. This speech was carefully crafted to not take responsibility while appearing to do so.

Janelle said...

Feels like a remake of Beavis and Butthead to me.

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