Friday, November 20, 2009

ACORN Prostitution Scandal: The LA Edition Part II

Once again more from the helpful folks at ACORN. 

It appears that Brieitbart is sitting on even more ACORN tapes. Recently on the Sean Hannity show Andre Breitbart laid down the gauntlet to Eric Holder and said investigate ACORN or he will release more tapes just before the 2010 elections. I wonder if any of those tapes spell out voter fraud?


Osumashi Kinyobe said...

One would think after the first time they were caught, they wouldn't try their dirty tricks again.
And she was blithe about the sex trade business.

Janelle said...

Andrew Breitbart seems to be giving AG Holder a gentlemanly warning. Or perhaps the message to Congress is clean up your act. Hang on to those tapes, Mr. Breitbart, and release them anyway.

k6whp said...

..down on my knees here in SoCal, Andrew, beggin' ya! Save 'em all for October 2010. In fact, let's have an ACORN film festival!

I have the popcorn, soda, milk duds, and jujubees ready to go!

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