Friday, November 13, 2009

UPDATED: The Glenn Beck Show: The Aftermath

UPDATE: Photo added

Here we are from left to right Adrienne Ross of Motivation: Truth, yours truly from Another Black Conservative and Maria from My Voice on the Wings of Change.  Notice I made sure to wear a jacket that had my Right To Life rose on it! Maria is sporting an American flag lapel pin [so anti Obama are we].

As all of you can tell by now I did not get to speak, neither did Maria or Adrienne [believe me guys, we tried].  Sorry for the let down, but those are the breaks. I did not tell you last night because I wanted you to see the show for yourself.

I have to admit; on edit the show was much better than live. During the actual taping it seemed almost like a free for all, jumping from topic to topic.

I would have liked to discuss Charles Payne’s story more.  His story, is a story known all too well in the black community but never seems to actually get addressed. Payne’s story speaks to that unofficial “litmus test of black authenticity”.  This litmus test is one of the keys that leads to the monolithic voting habit of blacks. I think I will blog on the topic later to fully flesh it out for you.

Also, I think Beck’s people might want to tweak their screening process. When I was mingling before the taping, I clearly found people who were not conservative by the wildest stretches of the imagination.

Little back-story here, Beck has not fully recovered from his operation. I was surprised how apparent that was in person but hardly detectable on screen.

I think if Beck does the show again, a tighter focus of topics would help as well.

Adrienne is sending me a photo of the three of us outside Fox. Will have it up as soon as I get it. The photo taken on my cellphone camera came out really really bad.


Nikki said...

I watched it Clifton and you guys looked great and I was so disappointed that you were in THE BACK ROW!! WTF!? I was screaming at the screen at some of those retarded comments and ESPECIALLY at Beck! Anyway, I hope you guys get another opportunity to go on there, it was a decent format and the discussion was lively, I just wanted to hear from you and Maria!! :)N

LandShark 5150 said...

Clifton -- I missed the show, due to a dr visit, but I am proud that a fellow conservative got there. I have no doubt that they will be calling back. As for me, I will light up the phone to make it happen. We ALL are still proud of you! sharky

Momma C said...

So disappointed - I felt like the show would have been much better with the Town Hall format they used for the 912 Moms with Mary Baker. And I didn't want to hear from people like the mayor of Monticello who was so obsessed with identifying himself with BHO. I wanted to hear from you and Adrienne. I really hope they have you back on in a smaller group.

And I thought Glenn looked very much under the weather. Having been on the show, I was so curious about what was going on during the commercial breaks - of which there were way too many.

I hope they try again and do a better job. There was so much talent and wisdom in that room. And leadership ability. I hope many will consider running for office. We are not Democrats and Republicans anymore, but conservatives.

Thanks Cliff for going - and for all the work you do keeping us informed.

Clifton B said...


If there is another show, we know how to defeat the Rosa Parks actions with the back row.

I just wished it was a tad more focused and we did not waste time chatting about things like Cap and Trade. I do that stuff everyday on my blog, I am not interested in discussing it on a national show.

Clifton B said...

LandShark 5150:

Thanks, but if you were tuning in to hear me, you did not miss much. Check Beck out again at 2 AM EST

Clifton B said...


I was taken aback by some of the others rather liberal leanings. I did a little mingling before the show and I have to say, I question the conservatism of some of the guests.

Beck is clearly not up to snuff. Even though I never met the man before, I could tell he was weak that day. He plopped in his chair and did not get up once during the entire taping. He was clearly pushing himself that day.

moon816 said...

I'm sure a lot of people will ask beck to do another show, there are so much to discuss and one hr show isn't enough. you 3 are looking good by the way =0)

Korey K said...

I don't think Beck intentionally screens the audience but i'm not sure cause that audience seemed mostly conservative. This is sort of like the health care debate with the doctors and there were a handful of doctors who were for a government takeover along with some students. I think critics would say there wasn't a real debate if there wasn't some variety in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being there. That meant something to a lot of people.

No Subject said...

I do not have access to cable or sat right now, but I did get to watch the three parts of the show that FOX has on their web site.

I suspected that some of the audience was not as conservative as they made out to be, and your blog confirms that.

Like otheres who have commented, I hope Glenn does another, more directed show and has you back for that.

Thanks for the fine blog. I get a lot from it.

Jessica said...

What an interesting show...the hour flew by way too fast. I also feel that people were jumping from topic to topic, but every now and then someone would make a great comment.

I hope Glenn has another show, because it was great to hear what the black communnity think - from the ACTUAL Black community. Too often, we're told how black people feel from pundits and comentators, so it was refreshing to hear thoughts and opinions from the horse's mouths, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the reaction I have seen, Black Conservatism is a topic Glenn Beck and other conservative commentators will bring to the forefront.

I have not seen the show yet, but the idea was long overdue. Black America needs to see the clear choice to better their lives and their future.

Just a conservative girl said...

I was thrilled to hear the comments about the public schools and taking away of the vouchers. That is a very sore subject for me that I blog about on occassion. It is a topic that is in the news here in DC often, as they just stopped a very sucessful program here.

I am glad that you enjoyed yourself. To be honest I didn't recognize you. I was looking for you in the audience.

I am very envious. I am big, big fan of Beck. He is main reason I started blogging and have gotten more active. I joined the 9/12 group here and it has made major changes to my life.

Anonymous said...

I was a little disappointed more people didn't get an opportunity to contribute to the discussion. I guess the visual impact of seeing a studio filled with black conservatives is important to help tear down the stereotype that blacks only vote for liberal democrats, but I would rather have seen a smaller group in a more focused discussion.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to participate. I agree with moon816, you're a good looking group in that photo.

The Conservative Lady said...

I missed the show at 5PM but taped it, so I saw it later in the evening. I was disappointed you didn't get a chance to contribute to the discussion because I know your input would have been well received. The hour flew by too quickly, so I hope Glenn does do another show on this topic.
Great photo of you all and thank you for taking the time to go to the show. I notified all of my friends to watch and have received several calls telling me how much they enjoyed it.
I think we should all drop Glenn a line and encourage him to do a follow up.
Take care.

Andrew33 said...

I saw it twice. I've been a beck fan since 01 and think this was as good and important as anything he's done. He just gave the pimphand to anyone calling him or pro-liberty supporters in general "racists". Americans need to see more of that. That blew political correctness away.

namaste said...

excellent observations, cliff. not everyone in attendance were conservatives, IMHO. and glenn was definitely not feeling well, thus the disjointed discussions.

but of course it was wonderful meeting you and adrienne in person. and i LOVE the pic!


Dean said...

I liked the show, but missed the very end. I agree that 1 hour was clearly not enough time. It sounded like the audience had a ton to say. Maybe people from that group should hold their own Town Hall meetings.

mRed said...

I linked in from American Power and I really like your site. I watched the program and thought it very good, but reading these comments I see how much better it could have been. I also hope Beck does many more of these shows.

Unknown said...

I thought the show was excellent...there were a wide variety of views and the comments we consie and clear for the most part.

No liberal network would ever produce a show like this. I am sure Glenn will do more of these...maybe every friday a similar format with different topics/interest groups could be presented.

Yeah, I a white boomer that lived in Detroit before and after the riots ~ I can clearly see the Liberal enslavement of monorities and the black group think and black on white racism that is ever present in a large % of black Americans around me.

There are also many blacks that don't buy into the stereotypes but they tend to keep a low profile and not rock the boat.

Stopthepresses2 said...

I always said Conservative women are the most beautiful and here’s more proof.

saveliberty said...

I was disappointed that you didn't get to speak and that more conservative voices weren't heard.

I would very much like to have heard more about Charles Paynes' story.

A follow up show would be great!

arlenearmy said...

I did not not know that cliff was on glenn beck show until I saw the notice on conservative lady blog. I truly feel encouraged to know that he was their. I didnt see him speak. I will re-watch the dvr to see if I can pick out our blogger buddy.

I will send beck a tweet requesting that he do a follow-up show & to put cliff & the conservative woman blogger on the front row.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great photo Cliff, looking super-shnazzy, I am dissapointed that this may have not turned out as well as we hoped but am still excited that you got your shot!

StewartIII said...

ChickaBOOMer: Can You Hear Me Now?

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog when I Googled "prejean sex tape" and figured I'd add my two cents. I worked a long day yesterday so missed the Glenn Beck "African American Conservative" show. I'm a Black,Lesbian,ProAbortion, AntiGunControl,ProDeathPenalty,
LegalImmigration,Catholic, GayMarriageButJustDontCallItMarriage
Liberal :-). Being a thinker by nature, I listen to all points of view. What I've noticed when viewing Beck is that 1. There are typically folks with opposing points of view in the audience (which for appearance sake would be a "fair and balanced" approach). 2. The focus commonly jumps around and Beck seeks a respondee that will support the his latest premise. Sounds like ABC was finally able to gain similar insights by seeing the show live, unfiltered and unedited.

Clifton B said...


Inside scoop: there will be another show.

It is very easy to look good standing between Adrienne and Maria!

Clifton B said...

Korey K:

The show was not a debate this time. It was titled a Time To Be Heard. It was to give voice to a seldom heard group Black Conservatives.

If you are going to give voice to black conservatives then shouldn't both criteria met i.e. blank and conservative

Clifton B said...

Anonymous @9:44 on 11/13

You are quite welcome and thank you too.

Clifton B said...

No Subject:

You are in luck, inside scoop, there will be another show.

Clifton B said...


The live taping flew by too (1hr 15 min.) and it was even more all over the place. After seeing the edited version, I have to say it appeared much better organized that what I witnessed.

Yes, it was a great idea to have everyday black conservatives speak. We all know the regular ones, but seeing your everyday Joe or Jane makes a difference.

Clifton B said...

Anonymous @ 10:19 pm on 11/13:

It is an idea that has been long over due. It is a pity that so many of the normal black outlets never thought to have such a thing. BET are you ashamed Beck beat you to the punch?

Clifton B said...

Just a Conservative Girl:

Count me in on the voucher sore point. I detest the way black children are forced to suffer in failing schools and are denied a way out of the madness.

You will only see me Adrienne and Maria in the very last row. None of us got to say anything.

Clifton B said...


Clearly an hour is hardly enough to have gotten to everyone or everything. I was taken aback when Beck asked the audience what they wanted to discuss and so many said things like Cap and Trade, Health care reform and so on. I blog about that stuff all day long, I would much rather have addressed issues in the black community, what it is like to be a black conservative and how conservatism actually helps blacks.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for watching and telling your friends to watch. Beck did invite us back for another show.

Clifton B said...


Yes Beck beat the MSM to a major topic. Something tells me that you will be seeing some other outlets play catch up.

Clifton B said...


Hello my new best friend! Yeah, we picked out the non conservatives pretty easily.

I love the pic too. I printed out and will put it on my desk by the PC to admire every time I blog!

Clifton B said...


There seemed like we could have talked for years. Namaste and I were actually thinking about doing a black conservative talk radio show.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC. Beck did ask us back so I am sure you will see another show.

Clifton B said...


There are also many blacks that don't buy into the stereotypes but they tend to keep a low profile and not rock the boat.

Man do I wish we got to that topic! One of the very reasons I started ABC was to show other black conservatives that they need not sit silently by.

Clifton B said...

Stop the press/Patrick:

Even better Adrienne and Maria are beautiful on the inside too!

Clifton B said...


I too wanted to discuss Charles Payne's story because I had the exact same experience. I did however get to tell him after the show that I identified with his story.

Clifton B said...

Conservative Brother:

I think I know why so many of them were there. Many say they are conservative because they don't buy 100% of the democrats nonsense but they really don't have a full understanding of conservative thought.

It was a small bone of contention that Adrienne, Maria and I had. Here we are three true long time black conservatives who don't get to say boo, but all these posers rush the mike.

I actually understand why Payne voted the way he did. It is because of his age. He lived through the civil rights struggle and the emotional high of seeing the first black president of the US was just too great.

You and I who have only known the rewards of that struggle were free to stand by our principles and say no thanks to obama.

Clifton B said...


I was there, wanted you there too. Remember me asking you if you lived in NYC? If you want to SEE me I am in the back row, if you want to HEAR me you are out of luck. LOL

Clifton B said...


Thanks Left Coast!

Clifton B said...


I caught that on my Sitemeter> Thanks for the tons of traffic!

Clifton B said...

Anonymous @ 5:11 on 11/14:

As I said to Korey K, this was not a debate. This was a show to showcase Black conservative thought. As such participants should meet both criteria.

BTW, don't get too crazy looking for the actual Carie Prejean sex tape, it was never released on the net.

Anonymous said...

ABC... don't misunderstand... Being a reseacher by nature, I search for multiple sources regarding a particular subject. The possibility of a "Prejean sex video" did not surprise me in the least. byam, unlike many, girlfriend is not my cup of tea (not bright enuf), if you know what i mean ;-)

Bj said...

The show was GREAT! I hope he'll do another on just like it!

k6whp said...


Like many, I came away disappointed that you were not able to speak but thank you for your calm, restrained deportment and your gracious apres-show comments.

What I took from the show was the (ahem!) diversity of "conservative" viewpoints and how -- despite some of the guests views -- they still voted for Obama. My folly was that I expected black conservatives to fit into a mold..

..and I am no less guilty of stereotyping conservative thought as the Democrats are of stereotyping African-American thought. It's a multi-faceted diamond, Voyska, not a monolith.

Shame on me!

It is an honor to know you!

arlenearmy said...

We tivoed that Beck show & watched the full show very carefully. That is one of Beck's best shows, which is historic & will be a documentary. So even if you did not get a chance to speak, you are making HISTORY.

When I finally got the twitter message from "Conservative Lady" concerning that you would be on the show, we replayed the Tivo slowly so I could point you to my friends.

I saw you & the 2 other ladies near the back. Every time I saw you 3, I shouted out to my friends - "that's Cliff & the other conservative bloggers".

I anxiously await your update on your views of the beck show.

JOB WELL DONE. Im proud of you :)

The Conservative Lady said...


So glad that Glenn has asked you back for another show. I hope he follows through with it. Earlier today I sent a note to him requesting it and I'm sure many others are, too. Maybe he'll get a lot of requests and do it soon. Sure hope so.

Joie said...

I thought I saw you on there!!!!! I tuned in mid-way through the I couldn't be sure. But now that I see this post, I see my initial thoughts we right. How cool is that?!?!?!!!

TKZ said...

I wish the show had been 2, maybe 3 hours long. It was awesome. Hopefully Beck does another one so we can hear from you directly. I love this site, BTW!!

Janelle said...

Would like to see a smaller and changing group on a regular basis. I would also like to see Dr.'s Sowell and Williams included - am a longtime fan. But smaller is better for the future and hopefully the show will get enough feedback to do more.

Clifton B said...

Anonymous @7:50 on 11/14:

Sorry to imply you were trolling from cheese cake. Re: Prejean not being your type, different strokes for different folks.

I won't say Prejean was not bright. I would say she is waaaay too young to deal with her media shit storm.

Clifton B said...


You will probably get your wish.

Clifton B said...


Don't feel bad, as I stated I did detect a few less than conservative people in the audience.

Clifton B said...

Arlene Army:

Thanks Arlene, remember when I emailed you a little while back. I was trying to see if you wanted to go on the show, but since you were not in the NYC area I did not think you could make it.

Clifton B said...


I am pretty sure he will. He loved how talkative we were. He was quite surprised how everyone opened up so quickly.

Clifton B said...


You must pay very close attention to the television LOL!

Clifton B said...

The Knowledge Czar:

That show could have gone on for days. The hour and change it took to tape zipped by.

I am glad you like the blog. Come back again!

Clifton B said...


A smaller group or a tighter focus on topics, either would do. Beck basically asked us what we wanted to talk about. I was taken aback when so many said policy things like health care reform, cap and trade etc. Maybe it is because I blog about that stuff everyday why I thought those topics were so boring.

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