Friday, November 13, 2009

The Glenn Beck Show: An Evening With My Fellow Black Conservatives

Today I went to the taping of the Glenn Beck show about Black Conservatives. I finally got to meet some of my favorite black conservative bloggers.

First I met Adrienne Ross from Motivation: Truth blog.  As I stated in an earlier post, Adrienne was on of the inspirational figures that inspired me to start Another Black Conservative.  Adrienne is exactly what I imagined. She is outspoken and clearly has her beliefs on point. Adrienne and I clearly speak the same language, especially when it comes to Sarah Palin.  Note to readers: Adrienne defends Sarah Palin anywhere and anytime, even on the very blue streets of New York City!

Adrienne and I met early and traveled together to Fox News studios and there we met up with Maria from My Voice on the Wings of Change.  Maria could easily be someone from my own immediate family.  She even reminds me of my very own cousin Maria! Her Island background mirrors my very own background. Her life reads like of my own family.

Robin from Conservative Black Woman surprised me the most. When you read Conservative Black Woman, her blog and point of view is very strong. Yet, Robin in real life is a petite and soft-spoken woman. Don’t let appearances fool you (you will see tomorrow evening) the woman knows how to get her point across!

Others I got to meet briefly were the guys from Hip Hop Republican, Charles Payne from Fox Business News, several Fox News personalities, Kevin Jackson from the Black Sphere and a host of black conservatives from Facebook.

What was Glenn Beck like? Just like you see on TV. He is a very much the everyday Joe you meet all across America. I could also tell he is still not 100% recovered from his operation. I could easily detect someone who is pushing himself to keep up with their everyday schedule who clearly did not want to. 

What went down on the Glenn Beck show? Well you will have to tune in tomorrow. Meet me here at 6:00 Pm EST when I will post the full behind the scenes story. For a mini preview see Maria and Adrienne


Heather Chandler said...

I can't wait! I've been so excited since I first heard about it! Congrats to you again. =)

Tonight after work, I'm going to search the internet for clips of the show until I find one.

D S Reif said...

Congrads Clifton and Company y'all deserve the credit.
I've got a new piece on Perennis about Maj. Hasan; "Paralysis"

photofellow said...

Clifton, So sorry that you and other bloggers who appeared on Glenn Beck's 11/13 show were not pleased with the experience. It is a disappointment to me to learn that Adrienne, Maria, Robin and you were not able to have your voices and ideas heard.

What expectations did the communication from Beck's staff create for you all that were not met?

Let us know and we can express our disappointment to Beck's show.

Left Coast Rebel said...

How exciting! Thanks for the recap, we will all be watching tonight....

Candle said...

Dude, this is so cool that you got to be on the show. I'd be on that show if I WANTED to....but I'm sorta busy and stuff (envy).

Maxine said...

Going over to my friend's house to watch it. I am so looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

I just finished watching the show and enjoyed it. I wish it were longer because there was not enough time to touch on everything. Should have been 3+ hours, not 1.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous 12:33 PM {Continued}
My Race: African-American
My Profile: Registered Democrat
Social Issues: LIBERAL (I support same-sex marriages, Roe V Wade (pro-choice), and I am Anti-War}
Economics: CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRAT { I support significant tax breaks in the upper economic brackets. It prevents outsourcing, and creates more jobs. However, I do support more government regulation over private sectors. Hence, I do not support deregualtion tactics! Why? Corporate greed falls at the expense of taxpayers! There should be financial revisions/stipulations made to welfare and social security. But should not be done away with completely!

I felt that the Black Conservative Party could have addressed those issues in a more constructve and tasteful manner. Taking 'shots' at Obama will not propel your cause/agenda. Beck (satire) poked fun at the Black Democratic Party by using some'ignorant' black woman (yelling Free Obama Money) as a scapegoat was condescending, and not very appreciated.

Why am I Pro-Choice/Sex Education?
(1) As a feminist, I support a woman's constitutional right to make reproductive choices about her body.
(2) As an African-American, I believe that problems such as Gangs, Violence, Drugs is attributed to Baby Booms. Lack of parental guidance is due to babies having babies. More than 70 percent of households are ran by Single Black Women (unwed mothers). This leads to a lack of education, poverty, and violence. Is sex-education needed? YES! Is Abortion sometimes necessary? YES!

I am 32 years of age. I have an undergraduate degree in Biology. I have NO CHILDREN. I am NOT on welfare. I am a woman of color! I supported Barack Obama! Not because of his race, but his political views. But you know what, I should not have to defend my position. I am sure Glenn Beck will never make the trip to interview the KKK's in West Virginia, asking them why they voted for Mc Cain.

I do repect the opinions of some Republicans ( I encouraged many Republicans to support Ron Paul during the Republican primaries. But next time, avoid being expolited, and lets talk real politics affecting the Black community. BET would have been way more successful than FOX!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. I'm not going to call these people sellouts or anything of that nature but what I will say is that you all allowed yourselves to be exploited by Glenn Beck and the rest of the Fox croonies. To have a woman get on the radio and talk about free money should have made all of you get up and walk out because you know that no one can be that ignorant. You all sat there as if that's what all blacks believe which to me was disgusting. Secondly, Glenn Beck asked a question by giving you a what if. It went something like this. If a father had 2 sons, one that worked hard and the other that was lazy. The father wanted to equal out the statuses of the sons by taking from the hard working one(whites) and giving some of his hard earn gain to the the lazy one (blacks,others). He asked is that fair. I for one say NO it's not. However, his story might have been more believeable if it went like this. You have 2 sons one you give everything to and one you give scraps to. Both work hard but one will always be given more because he's favored and the other will mostly always get just enough to get by. The father decided that for the next EIGHT years he is going to give ALL to his favorite son while taking from the one he don't care about. By doing this his hopes were that his favorite son would help his brother. But since the favorite son is a byproduct of his father he kept everything while everything around him crumbled especially his brother. His brother lost his job because he couldn't get to work. And he couldn't get to work because he lost his car. He lost his car because the savings dried up. He was on the verge of a MAJOR meltdown. Well the mother(AMERICANS)had enough and felt it was time to leave this abusive father and find someone that would treat her children the same because in her eyes they are EQUAL and should have the same opportunities to succeed. I will stop there but I do have a point I'm trying to make which I am sure most of you all got.

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