Thursday, November 5, 2009

Democrats In Denial

After Tuesday’s blistering rebuke of left wing tax and spend policies, it appears the message maybe falling on deaf ears.

As far as the White House is concerned, they are only looking at the win in NY-23 but completely ignoring the two big losses in Virginia and New Jersey.

From Politico
So far, Obama’s White House has responded to the results — flaming defeats for Democratic gubernatorial nominees in Virginia and New Jersey, along with better news in theN.Y. 23 special congressional election — exclusively with self-justification.
Obama himself did not mention the elephant in the room Wednesday in public appearances in Wisconsin. His silence came even though he had immersed himself heavily in the New Jersey race in particular, only to see incumbentGov. Jon Corzine lose a traditionally Democratic state. 
White House senior advisor David Axelrod picked up the spin too:

From Politico
“The CW in town has focused on the governors’ races, but the most portentous event was the New York 23rd because it exposed a major fissure in the Republican Party.”
But what if independents abandon 2010 congressional Democrats the same way they fled Corzine and Virginia Democrat Creigh Deeds?
“If the Earth stops turning, we are all going to die, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen,” said Axelrod. Turning more serious, he said he would tell anxious Democratic candidates, “I understand that there might be some nervousness, and that’s understandable, but we are doing the right things. The best move politically is to show more and more success governmentally.”
I think we can safely say that Obama is not going to change plans anytime soon. I cannot imagine him doing so either. Obama is a straight up ideologue and as such he can only talk about being pragmatic rather than actually being pragmatic.

By continuing with his current plan, I do believe he is going to split his own party. Make no mistake, the Blue Dogs must see the writing on the wall. With only a year to go before their heads end up on the chopping block of the 2010 elections. These Blue Dogs must find a way to make themselves appealing to the electorate.  Therefore expect some to unhitch their wagon form the Obama train soon.  Will they bolt on health care?  That is the big question.

Aparantly some Blue Dogs are already acknowledging the true meaning of Election 2009.  Senator Mark Warner from Virginia clearly got the message: 
In contrast to the Obama’s team sanguine analysis, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told POLITICO, “We got walloped.” 
Hope springs eternal!

Via: Politico

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Janelle said...

The message should be: get out of our wallets, way and business.

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