Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jesse Jackson: 'You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man'

Today Jesse Jackson added another criterion to the list of things that makes a black man authentically black … healthcare!

From The Hill: 
The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Wednesday night criticized Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.) for voting against the Democrats’ signature healthcare bill.

“We even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill,” Jackson said at a reception Wednesday night. “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”
Leave it to Jesse to do his part to make sure no blacks wander off the white liberal plantation.  Imagine that, the black skin the good Lord gave you isn’t good enough unless you buy into socialized medicine. What a complete joke.

It is this monolithic thinking and strict adherence to liberal policies that has failed the black community time and time again. Now mind you the only reason Artur Davis voted against the House bill is because he is trying to run for governor in the conservative state of Alabama.  Otherwise, I am quite sure Davis would not have dared broken ranks with the monolithic thinking of his Congressional Black Caucus members.

Davis did manage a tepid dig at Jesse for the remark: 
“One of the reasons that I like and admire Rev. Jesse Jackson is that 21 years ago he inspired the idea that a black politician would not be judged simply as a black leader,” Davis’s statement said. “The best way to honor Rev. Jackson’s legacy is to decline to engage in an argument with him that begins and ends with race.”

Not bad, but I would have gone a little further. I would have said something like, “Too bad Jesses Jackson cannot let go of the Plantation Politics, perhaps if he could he might have beaten Obama to the White House by 21 years”. We all know Obama becoming President really sticks in Jesse’s craw.

Jesse’s reason for making healthcare the new criteria for blackness: 
"The poorest people need healthcare protection," Jackson said. "They have the highest infant mortality and the lowest life expectancy. They're dying from lack of access."

Poor people are dying from a lack of access to healthcare? Funny, I would think it is the chronic plague of drugs and crime in poor communities that plays the bigger role low life expectancy, especially in the black community. Both are issues that Jackson and the CBC just don’t pay nearly enough attention to.

Via: The Hill


Left Coast Rebel said...

Of course health care makes one authentically black Clifton! Just as car insurance makes a person authentically white.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what color Jesse's skin is--his stripes never change.

A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

well, I have to say that all my black friends NOT supporting the socialized health act....are going to be devastated when I tell them they are not black anymore!

I suppose when they decide to step in line and be good sheeple, they can petition the wonderful Reverend Jackson to get their blackness back.

I suppose when they ban all trans fats, and try to outlaw frybread....and I don't support that...then I will likely lose my Indian status because the government will place a restriction on commodity foods...

only the good Indian sheeples who swore off transfats because the big brother said so can get their Indian status back.

Janelle said...

I have a difficult time taking the Rev. seriously..... something about him counseling Clinton about an affair while having one himself was too ridiculous for even my ill sense of humor. Always wondered how that conversation took place, probably over cigars and brandy. Was it good for brandy?

Just a conservative girl said...

Oh, yet one more reason that hubby is not black.

Last night we had "date" night. We went to a sports bar that we go to all the time. Two, somewhat drunk, stangers came up to us and said "oh, you two must be republicans". Then proceeded to ask him when did he decide to turn his back on his race. I was stunned. When I hear things like this, it gives me more pause about putting little man in public school.

Ironside said...

So, is "Blackness-Decider-Guy" an elected office or an official appointmen? Is there a degree required or maybe just some online classes?

namaste said...

eewwww! what a terrible pic of jesse.

boy i just love the way president hussein keeps bringing the dumb and dumber out of everyone.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Jesse also believes that, in no way possible, can a black man make it in society on his own. He can't do it without a hand-out. I often wonder who the real racist is? Is it the whites Jesse accuses or is it Jesse himself?

Stopthepresses2 said...


I am sending a shout out to all black men
Don't be forgetin
be rememberin

You can be Bill Clinton
The first black white man
But you can’t…
Vote against health care
And be a black man

You can be the President
And not be born an American
But you can’t….
Vote against health care
And be a black man

You can dance all stiff
To your favorite jam
But you can’t…
Vote against health care
And be a black man
You can even play in a
Country band
But you can’t…
Vote against health care
And be a black man

You can play basketball
And not be able to slam
But you can’t…
Vote against health care
And be a black man

You can eat chitterlings
With green eggs and ham
But you can’t…
Vote against health care
And be a black man

You can yell yea haw
The South shall rise again
But you can’t…
Vote against health care
And be a black man

You can even be
A damn Republican
But you can’t…
Vote against health care
And call yourself a black man

Sam I am

Anonymous said...

What is infuriating is that loons like Jackson won't address the debate honestly. The Dems don't want reform, they want government control of the healthcare system. Period. It doesn't matter that the GOP has a market based solution that is 10x better and less costly than what the Dems propose. It's about ideology. Liberals believe the government should pull all the strings regarding who gets healthcare, how you live your life, what you eat, etc. The GOP wants you to make those decisions for yourself.

It's really no more complicated than that. --SCOTT

Cedra Crenshaw said...

According to Jesse Jackson, you can call yourself a black man if you cheat on your wife and make a baby out of wedlock and say you want to "cut the nuts off" of those with whom you disagree.

J.Samuel Ross. said...

Wow, and all these years I thought it was actually being black that made you black! Now I know that it's actually support of irresponsible programs that keep the black community tied to the government lifeline instead of self-sufficiency that make you black.
So how do I get my license back? Or can I just try to be black without one and hope I don't end up Jackson's ideology court?

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Fear and guilt mongering beat intelligent discussions any day, I guess.

Hannityinaskirt said...

Hmm. Well we got a preview of Obamacare with the whole "No Mammograms till your 50" I guess in an attempt to cut costs and long lines we are now "Rationing" care. (Yes I said it!) black women are more likely to get breast cancer than white women and black women 35 to 44 have a breast cancer death rate more than twice that of white women. If all women started waiting till they where 50 to get mammograms, then the community with the greatest risk would be black women. Considering we are moving to a socialized system like that of the UK or Canada where breast cancer survival rates are much lower than the US, it would seem like the last thing you would want to do is move too a government run healthcare system, especially if your a black woman. Or Does Jessie Jackson not think about black women and how this might literally effect their life when he makes absurd claims that you can't be black and vote against Healthcare?

Fuzzy Slippers said...

How many millions has Jackson amassed in the name of helping the poor? And how many poor people have gotten OFF welfare? Hmmm. . . .

JMK said...

Jesse ("I'd like to cut his balls off") Jackson shows once again, what a complete low-life POS he really is.

The guy really can't help himself...he's scum.

Worst of all this pompous jackass thinks he speaks for "all blacks" when calling for more dependency programs and more "entitlements" that trap otherwise good people into hopelessness and despair.

What a guy!

He's the Ted Kennedy of black America....except, of course, he's still breathing and all...oh yeah, and he doesn't have a guaranteed Senate seat from which to exert his corrosive influence.

Thank God for small mercies.

Anne said...

Thanks for the link!

Jesse Jackson is such a disgrace, and his son is no better.

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