Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Black Conservative's FMJRA - The Late Edition

As the old saying goes: "better late than never".  That is a perfect description for this week's edition of the FMJRA.  So since time is of the essences let us begin.

Linky Love
Top post this week was Election 2009: The Aftermath. Thanks to Left Coast Rebel, Camp of the Saints, Booker Rising and Valley of the Shadow for linking to my analysis of last Tuesday's elections.

Next up was Palin vs. Biden Round 2. Sister Toldjah like the picture I used (originally from Conservatives4Palin) and sent massive hits to ABC! Thanks to Thought Mesh as well for the additional Linky Love.

The Rise of Hoffman Unhinges The Left caught the attention of Booker Rising and A Conservative Shemale. BTW, is Conservative Shemale just a name or is there a real conservative shemale? If he/she is real, wouldn't that prove that conservatism really is for everyone?

Miscellaneous Link Love came from all over last week. We have Smash Mouth Politics linking to More Nonsense From Newt. Conservatives 4 Palin sent massive Linky Love by referencing my comments on Mitt Romney. The Other McCain had something to say about Palin Calling Out Chris Daggett. Not One Red Cent (a blog to follow as we go RINO hunting) took note of the NRSC singing a different tune.  The Daley Gator also noticed that Newt's coming around to Hoffman was too little too late. A new blog Yes, They're All Mine was appalled by the 11 new videos of kids praising Obama. Anti Republican Culture gives ABC a mention, but raises a very exciting prospect: Palin/ Thompson 2012.  I like it! Booker Rising picks up on the early info on Nidal. Saber Point makes note of Sarah Palin rallying the troops after the NY-23 loss and Stogie also makes mention of my notes at the Chris Christie rally.

Mentions and honor for ABC came from Fisherville Mike and No Sheeples Here who mentioned me in their FMJRA's and William at Le·gal In·ser·rec·tion gave ABC the blog of the day.

New Blogs

Notes: Once again to save time, I am skipping the Must Reads. I want to give a big thanks to all of you who tuned in to Silvio Canto's interview of me, I am glad you all liked it.  Also in case you have not heard, I will appear on the Glenn Beck show this Friday with Adrienne Ross from Motivation: Truth and Maria from My Voice on the Wings of Change. Tune in!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I'm real (conservative shemale) and to paraphrase Teri Hatcher I'm spectacular. OK, that's a little conceited so I'll dial it back to I'm real. Why shouldn't conservatism be for everyone, or at least fiscal conservatism I do diverge on some social issues, but more to the leave me alone area than the liberal nanny state make everything feel better area.

Clifton B said...


Glad to share the link, you have a great blog. Thanks for answering "the question" [upon reflection, I realize it might have been in poor taste}. This does prove the point that conservatism is for everyone!

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