Sunday, November 1, 2009

Too Little Too Late, Newt Endorses Hoffman

From CNN:
Gingrich made the announcement via Twitter shortly after the Republican Party nominee Scozzafava announced she was releasing supporters from their commitment to back her.
"Scozzafava dropping out leaves hoffman as only anti-tax anti-pelosi vote in ny 23 Every voter opposed to tax increases support doug hoffman," Gingrich wrote on Twitter. (Tweet shown as it appeared)
Sorry Newt but this is too little too late. Newt was obdurate and dug in with his flawed 10th Amendment nonsense. Now that the writing is on the wall, Newt breezes though with agreement via twitter. Give me a break. The man has ruined any chances for him to be a leader in anything. From this point forward, RINO suspicions will plague Newt. The best he can hope for now is a second tier cabinet position in a Republican administration.

Via: CNN 


smitty1e said...

Can we concoct a Newt Repentance Plan?

Bj said...

Newt went bust. Did not agree with him and now am wondering about his thought process. He won't be on my top anything list.

Alpha Conservative Male said...

Newt has shown conservatives that he sold out his conservative ideological core to be come a GOP party hack. My how the mighty and principaled have fallen.

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