Thursday, November 19, 2009

Senator Patrick Leahy: No need to interrogate bin Laden

From The Hill:
If the U.S. captures Osama bin Laden, there's no need to interrogate him, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Thursday.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), the chairman of that committee, said that arguments raised by Republican senators about whether bin Laden would be afforded Miranda rights if he were captured amount to a "red herring."

"The red herring that my friend [Sen.] Lindsey Graham [R-S.C.] was covering is not realistic," Leahy said during an appearance on "Washington Journal" on C-SPAN.

"For one thing, capturing Osama bin Laden — we've had enough on him, we don't need to interrogate him," Leahy added.

Now this is what I call a very special kind of stupid, a Stupidity VSOP if you will. I wonder if it ever dawned on Leahy that it might be helpful to find out just how Osama has been able to evade our 8 year hunt for him. Perhaps Leahy has not considered that Osama being the BMOC of Al Queada, might just have all the 411 we need to defeat them.  Come to think of  it, maybe  Leahy  just realized that without enhanced  interrogation techniques, we will be spinning our wheels trying to interrogate bin Laden

I think Leahy made this dumb remark because he is a hardcore partisan. As such, he could never admit that the Democrats might be totally wrong on certain aspects of fighting terror.  When the Democrats were criticizing Bush all over the place, they had the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.  Now that they are in the driver’s seat, we can clearly see some of them simply do not have a clue.

God help us!


Janelle said...

Ten stars for this one, Clifton. Capture would be better and as for interrogation, yes to that.

Bruce said...

You could expect the Chief Leaker of the Senate would find some way to compromise any effort to interrogate OBL. Leahy is a world class POS.

JMK said...

Senator Leahy is a public embarrassment...a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragger of the first order.

But what can you expect from perv-friendly Vermont now-a-days?

They've bequeathed us all Bernie Sanders (the socialist) and this abomination....I suppose all the decent Vermonters "ran for the hills" years ago, leaving that state to the scum that washed up in low tide from Brooklyn and Manhattan's Lower East Side.

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