Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jim Imhofe declares Cap and Trade dead

So declares Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, taking a few minutes away from a Thanksgiving retreat with his family. "Ninety-five percent of the nails were in the coffin prior to this week. Now they are all in."
If any politician might be qualified to offer last rites, it would be Mr. Inhofe. The top Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee has spent the past decade in the thick of Washington's climate fight. He's seen the back of three cap-and-trade bills, rode herd on an overweening Environmental Protection Agency, and steadfastly insisted that global researchers were "cooking" the science behind man-made global warming.
This week he's looking prescient. The more than 3,000 emails and documents from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU) that have found their way to the Internet have blown the lid off the "science" of manmade global warming. CRU is a nerve center for many of those researchers who have authored the United Nations' global warming reports and fueled the political movement to regulate carbon.
Their correspondence show a claque of scientists massaging data to make it fit their theories, squelching scientists who disagreed, punishing academic journals that didn't toe the apocalyptic line, and hiding their work from public view. "It's no use pretending that this isn't a major blow," glumly wrote George Monbiot, a U.K. writer who has been among the fiercest warming alarmists. The documents "could scarcely be more damaging." And that's from a believer.
Well Amen to that! I was never a believer in man-made Global Warming. The whole idea of carbon playing the main role in rising planetary temperatures seemed absurd to me from the get go.  Whoever hacked those emails, did the free world one great huge favor as so many governments were willing to grab power in the name of “saving the planet”.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that man-made global warming scientist were cooking the books, expect many Democrats (and a few RINOs) to still keep pushing it. Why? Simple, billions if not trillions in wealth transfers are at stake. Don’t expect those who stood to gain to just give up. I would look for GE to push is fraud science to the bitter end.

Something interesting to note here. At Thanksgiving dinner, I brought up the hacked emails to my liberal friends and extended family. None, not even one, had heard of it. When I showed them the stories online, many  were bitter and angry at the cover up, only one held hope there might be a reasonable explanation. Given these reactions, I think it would be best for the left to come clean and not try to hide these findings. 

For many on the left, climate change/ global warming was almost a religion. Finding out about the blatant lies and exaggerations is almost like finding out Christianity was just a fairy tale. It is devastating and many on the left will be beyond bitter.


Meadow said...

Global warming is such a scare tactic!

One of the items yesterday on the news marquee at Fox was that Americans (this is now my words) over buying at Christmas is detrimental to the climate... the wrapping paper, bubble wrap and STYROFOAM will end up in land fills!

What happened to those eyesore STYROFOAM faux Grecian columns from Denver?

Since ice-encased mastodons were found with flowers in their stomachs from a bajillion years ago, can we say global warming is really not a 'hot' topic?

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I would not yet claim victory.

If the Senate does not pass this largest ever tax fraud,then B. Hussein is looking to impose it on us via an EPA mandate-headed by Carol Browner.

Have an interesting audio clip of Laura Ingram interviewing the scientist threatened in the hacked emails talking about it on my blog;

'(UPDATE) Brighter Day'

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I guess the green industry has been struck a major blow.
I hope.

Just a conservative girl said...

you brought up global warming lies at thanksgiving dinner? You are a brave man. I too spend thanksgiving with wild eyed liberals every year. I think the house would be emptied if I brought up such a topic. Wait, maybe I can use that next year when I want everyone to leave...

Bob Belvedere said...

I hope your hope is right.

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