Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mike Huckabee: “less than likely I will run in 2012”…Yeah, right!

From Politico:

Sorry Huck, but I am not buying this.  Today Huckabee’s numbers are looking too good to ignore. He has weekly exposure because of his show. He has been mimicking too many of the Tea Partier’s words and his none too subtle slaps at Sarah Palin, leads me to believe he is going to go for it again.

I am not a big fan of Mike Huckabee. From the get go, he immediately struck me as a Republican Bill Clinton.  Like Clinton he oozes that faux compassion of “I feel your pain”. His overt play for Christian conservatives also reminded me of Clinton’s play to blacks.

In 2008 he could have done a lot better had he dropped the “I am above attacks” nonsense and leveled his guns directly at Romney or McCain.  I am also sure that Huckabee would have tripped up Obama more than once during the debates. I am not too sure how Huckabee will play in 2012. 

In 2012 America will need a no nonsense true believer of fiscal conservatism. Huckabee’s record in Arkansas simply doesn’t measure up to that standard. While Huckabee maybe able to work around that shortcoming in the general election, it is going to be a major hurtle to overcome in the primaries, especially when stacked up against Romney’s record of turning around failed enterprises and Palin’s strong fiscal conservative record.

In the end, Huckabee will be in the race for the White House once again.  The media will be singing his praises because they believe he is beatable. If Huckabee decides to go for it, he had better go all in for trying to win it. Simply sticking around to play the spoiler like last time ain’t gonna cut it.

Via: Politico


Teresa said...

I have always liked Huckabee because he does not clearly fit into the Republican mold. He actually thinks for himself, instead of just following the GOP establishment. His record in Arkansas impresses me due to his willingness to get the job done, like when he raised taxes in order to fix the horrible roads. But, then, he rolled back the taxes after the roads were fixed. I do agree he needs to be tougher and play the political game better than he did in 2008. But, I hope Palin is the nominee.

Jarrod said...

There is a big difference between Huckabee and Clinton. Huckabee walks the walk; Clinton was/is a player. Huckabee's compassion is real, stemming from years of experience as a pastor.

His record in 2 1/2 terms as Governor in Arkansas is much better than the Club for Growth claimed it was, like Teresa alluded to above.

I'm always surprised to see people refer to Huckabee as a 'spoiler' in 08. It seems to me that Fred Thompson only stayed in long enough to spoil things for Huckabee in SC before he dropped out of a lackluster campaign.

Romney outspent Huckabee 10 to 1. Huckabee was the last man standing before McCain won the nomination because his supporters wanted him to fight to the end. I don't know if he'll run again. He has a great platform now to get the conservative message out to the general public and that may be the best role for him, but if he does run, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

I really liked Huckabee....his personality seems sincere....he has good values....and he seems like a "all around decent guy" with a good head on his shoulders

Then I observed his record more extensively ...
he is NOT a fiscal conservative by a long shot.

Seriously? I would rather see Joe The Plumber run....not Huckabee

The GOP better get CLEANED out...or we are going to have our "butts" handed to us again

Jess said...

There's too much "Oh gosh" and "Dang" for me. Politics is rough, and I can't see how being nice will do anything but get your legs gnawed off.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is almost prescient, given his involvement in paroling a felon who later blew way four police officers.

Anonymous said...

Huck comes off as honest and easy going.

He appeals to social conservative because of his views about abortion and gay marriage. He appeals to fiscal conservatives because his "fair tax" plan makes sense and virtually everybody agrees the tax code is a total mess.

But he just doesn't come off as presidential to me. And if the guy he granted clemency is determined to be the shooter in Washington, you can stick a fork in him for 2012. He's done.

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