Monday, November 30, 2009

WaPo finds that Limbaugh and Beck fans love Palin. Well duh!

It never ceases to amaze me how completely foolish the media gets when discussing Sarah Palin. Clearly since so many in the media has an agenda to discredit her, they tend only focus on the trial and end up looking foolish in the process.

In the latest bit of folly, the Washington Post declares that people who listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck have a higher favorable view of Palin an other Republicans.

In a new Washington Post poll, Palin beats other GOP leaders on two questions: who best represents the party's core values, and who Republicans would vote for if the presidential nomination battle were held today. But she has particular appeal to the loyal followers of Limbaugh and Beck, two of the most popular conservative talk show hosts in the country.
Overall, 18 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents cited her as the person most representative of the party's core values, the highest percentage among prominent Republican figures. Among those who regularly listen to Limbaugh, however, Palin was cited by 48 percent, and among Beck's viewers, it was 35 percent, far surpassing others.
The pattern held when Republicans considered their possible choices for 2012. Palin led other Republicans, but with the support of just 17 percent. Forty-five percent of regular Limbaugh listeners said they would vote for her if their state's primary or caucus were held today, however, as did a third of those who regularly tune in to Beck's radio or television programs.
Well duh! It should come as no surprise that both Limbaugh and Beck listeners like Palin more, considering both Limbaugh and Beck actually spend time looking at Palin’s record rather than the silly stuff the mainstream media focuses in on.
The media’s theme for Palin is that she is too stupid to be president. However anyone who spends five minutes looking up her actual record will find that this impossible. Palin runs her own business, ran a city, ran a state, headed up an oil and gas conservation commission, dropped dime on swindlers in her own party, renegotiated complex oil contracts for her state, restarted a decades stalled gas pipeline project and kept her state’s spending well under budget. Palin was highly successful in all of these endeavors. How then are we to believe that someone who is supposedly a hillbilly hayseed is capable of all these accomplishments? If these are the accomplishments of a stupid person, then must contact the Pope, because miracles have happened in Alaska.

Both Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have highlighted these accomplishments on their shows, this is why their listeners have a much better view of Palin that those who simply swallow whole the nonsense from the mainsteam media.

What is both interesting and very telling about the Washington Post poll is what they failed to mention about how people view voting for Obama again.
15. Thinking ahead to 2012, at this point would you definitely vote to re-elect Obama, would you consider voting for him, or would you definitely not vote for him?
                 Definitely   Consider   Definitely
                  vote to      voting     not vote       No
                  re-elect    for him     for him      opinion
11/23/09 All adults  24          31          41           4
11/23/09 Lean Reps    2          16          81           1 
A solid 41% will not vote to re-elect Obama. That is a big number to start out with. Unless Obama switches gears and finds a way to REALLY create jobs and lower the deficit, I expect that 41% to steadily grow between now and 2012.


Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Sarah Palin must be made to look bad. If she looks like a viable option, then Obama is screwed. It's simple politics, really. Forget her accomplishments and character. While someone is at it, forget Obama has NO experience and his character is quite questionable.
All of this to maintain an illusion!

k6whp said...


It is a measure of how truly tone-deaf the left is about conservatives. This is a definite advantage for us. If they cannot define us, then they cannot target us.

We should rejoice that these folks will be singing out of tune throughout 2010. One does not resonate well if one comes up with simplistic observations as these.

Clifton B said...


The illusion is exactly right. All the complaints about Palin's lack of experience never seems to be a question for Obama who actually had zero when elected.

That illusion is crumbling really fast as Obama closes in on zero accomplishments in his first year.

Clifton B said...


You are so right about the left being tone deaf about conservatives. For a group of people they invest so much hate in, one would think they would have a better understanding of their enemy. You are correct it will be to our advantage come 2010.

Alpha Conservative Male said...

This is what liberals truly fear. Palin is favored by Rush. Rush is the most influential conservative period. She is in essence a "made woman" within the conservative ranks. She's everything McCain wasn't. Liberals know she is dangerous for the mere fact that she does connect with mainstream Americans.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

It's immaterial, I think, if conservative pundits favour Sarah Palin or not. It's if the electorate gets so disenchanted with the Chosen One that not even the media can bring them back into a state of "hope and change" bliss that scares them. I believe Mrs. Palin looks to be a more and more attractive option come election time. What will Obama bring to the table by then?
Just my thoughts.

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