Sunday, November 1, 2009

Marco Rubio on NY-23: Finish The Job

Finish the Job in NY-23    [Marco Rubio]

Today's developments in New York's 23rd Congressional District should send an encouraging message to conservatives everywhere. It is not only right and necessary to stand up for our principles, it is also an appealing strategy to Americans yearning for less government and more fiscal restraint in Washington.
While there are still four grueling days of work left, it is clear candidates willing to stand up for conservative beliefs will not face a lonely journey on the campaign trail.
For conservatives who still don't believe we can be true to our principles and win elections, I hope NY-23 serves as a wake-up call. It's time for them to join their fellow Republicans on the front lines to deliver a victory on Tuesday. — Marco Rubio is a Republican running for the U.S. Senate in Florida.

Rubio is correct, we must not relax now that Scozzafava is out. Instead we must push on and deliver a victory for Hoffman on Tuesday. Should Hoffman defeat Democrat Bill Owens, a very loud and clear message will be sent to Washington for both parties.

Then and only then should conservatives turn their attention to Rubio’s own race against another über RINO Charlie Crist. Christ endorsed Obama’s failed stimulus plan.  That alone should make him completely unacceptable. Yet, the NRSC endorsed Crist early on.

You can follow the Rubio/ Crist race at Not One Red Cent blog or The Conservative Lady blog.


Anonymous said...


Just a conservative girl said...

Jim DeMint's pac Senate Conservatives is actively backing Rubio. So he does have some party fundraising working in his favor. I heard a rumor that Crist is going to drop out. Although, my take on him is that he has an ego the size of all outdoors. If that is the case he wouldn't drop out.

Clifton B said...


A true and simple formula!

Clifton B said...

DeMint is clearly on point. He is going to be big in 2010 and beyond. I agree with you, Crist's ego is too big to simply step aside. He will wait until the writing is clearly on the wall just like Scozzafava.

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