Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michael Steele: White Republicans Are Afraid of Me

Michael Steele is pandering again. If there is one thing I cannot stand about Michael Steele is his foolish pandering to black liberal myths. Remember how he praised ACORN at the black college? Then there was his getting punked by Chuck D and DL Hughley? Well hold on to you seats here comes another one.

While on the black news program TVOne Washington Watch with Roland Martin, Michael Steele had this to say.

From The Hill

MARTIN: But your candidates got to talk to them. One of the criticisms I've always had is Republicans -- white Republicans -- have been scared of black folks.
STEELE: You're absolutely right. I mean I've been in the room and they've been scared of me. I'm like, "I'm on your side" and so I can imagine going out there and talking to someone like you, you know, [say] "I'll listen." And they're like "Well." Let me tell you. You saw in Christie and you saw in McDonnell a door open because they went in and engaged. McDonnell was very deliberate about spending...
MARTIN: Right.
STEELE: I mean, Sheila Johnson was on his team. I mean, that was a big deal. That's because he engaged her and she helped navigate him through that relationship. [Video available here] 

Oh, boy!

Memo To Michael: If you are trying to get brothers and sisters to join the Republican Party, you have to stop agreeing with the stereotypes black liberals have of Republicans!

As a black conservative who has probably met as many white Republicans and conservatives as Michael Steele has, I have not met any who cower in fear of me, especially when they know we share the same political beliefs.  On the other hand, I have encountered TONS of white liberals who DEMAND to know why I am a conservative.  Talk about racist, what are black people only allowed to have one political view?

I suspect what white Republicans are truly afraid of concerning Michael Steele, is that they are afraid he will stick his foot in his mouth once again.

Side note: In the article from the Hill, they also report that Michael Steele said he would “come after” any centrist Republican who supported health care reform. Funny that seems rather contradictory to his laissez faire attitude he took over Dede Scozzafava. It is this pandering to different crowds that make Michael Steele so damn ineffective. Say what you mean and mean what you say my brother, too many people are watching.

Via: The Hill


Kelsey said...


Wow, paranoid much? If there's any reason to be afraid of Michael Steele it's he's a wishy-washy conservative and he's like, twelve feet tall!


Reaganite Republican said...

You know, I had a genuine post-racial feeling from this guy- not empty rhetoric like Obama, seemed to me he was largely focused on the issues... what's this all about?

I've defended him on my blog more than once and gave him the complete benefit of the doubt, too- although a bit out of his depth, I thought he'd grow into the job- I like his personality, and hey- at least the guy's got a sense of humor.

But after NY-23 I lost most respect for him... that's largely his fault for letting it go down like that- he's the boss, and it was botched... that's all I know.

Hey Mike, I'm not afraid of you, man- unless you're referring to your ability to quarterback us through the 2010 midterms that are the one last hope for this country.

We need to get that right, so I'm sure you'll understand it if you get benched- nothing personal, and CERTAINLY nothing racial about it... you're disappointing us, that's all.

Jim said...

Umm, if these comments are true, it is time he stepped aside. We've had enough pandering to leftists from the Stupid Party. Is this guy the best the Republicans (I almost said "we" but I'm a conservative first, and a nominal Republican) can get? sheeesh. Give this guy the freedom to pursue other interests. Maybe he can buy an NFL team.

@eloh said...

Please read my post today, it's short. I must be missing something as no one is talking about this. Thanks

Writer X said...

I always wonder why such a smart guy like Steele can be so stupid. I'm sick of hearing this argument. P.S. Just got another "please send money" request in the mail from the RNC. I'll be sending it back without a check but with the words "No More RINOS" in red ink.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I find the man to be just another racist at worse, a racist panderer at best. Just a conservative one. The Republicans would behoove themselves by removing his man before he butchers the golden opportunity in the midterm elections or else there will be hell to pay. We can't afford the Dems to maintain the control in the Congress or BO and company will go all out.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Steele at all. What is his problem? Why would he even say anything like this that simply plays into stereotypes that Blacks already have about Whites in general and republicans in particular?

JMK said...

One of the more amusing posts on this was Ace's at Ace of Spades HQ (http://ace.mu.nu/archives/294553.php);

Roland MARTIN: But your candidates got to talk to them. One of the criticisms I’ve always had is Republicans — white Republicans — have been scared of black folks.

Michael STEELE: You’re absolutely right. I mean I’ve been in the room and they’ve been scared of me.

Michael Steele continues helpin' out the team in all sorts of ways.

You know, I supported this guy. And yet I get him calling me a racist every third week.

He seems to be trying to promote himself - himself - as a "truth-teller" or something. First of all, I don't think this is the truth - as Allah Pundit (at Michelle Malkin's blog) notes, he did not even take pains to limit his statement to a small group, but instead spoke broadly of Republicans - and second of all, his goddamned job is to promote the party.

I keep seeing him attempting to build up his own personal credibility at the expense of everyone else in the party.

It must end.....

....By the way, the only thing I fear about Roland Martin is that he'll get to the shrimp bar before I do. There's a certain kind of cat - I think this is Roland Martin - that gets off on thinking people are afraid of him just because he's black. Guy is a big fat mishapen ball of leavening Cinnabon's dough, but he's getting off on the idea that people around him are threatened by him.

Why would I be threatened? Memo: Big rippling arms are imposing. Big rippling backfat is not.

This ridiculous orca-Weeble would go into hypoglycemic shock before he could get off his second punch. And if he tried to sit his big fat pockmarked ass on me, I'd run.

And then what's he going to do? I'm not going to leave a trail of energy-filled Tater Tots for him to scoop up as he waddles after me like I'm doing some retro-80s performance art version of Pac Man with the world's fugliest Clyde.

Guy's got bigger jugs than Susan Sarandon and he thinks we're trembling in fear he's going to brrroooomski us to death by engulfing us in his abyssal man-cleavage.

And sad to say, that's a pretty accurate assessment of the "threat level" of either Martin or Steele.

Why do some otherwise seemingly rational, middle-aged men do this to themselves?

Mid-life crisis?

Increasingly, Steele's been a disappointment, because he can't seem to shake his own disappoint with being "stuck as the face of the GOP."

If that's really the case, he should just step down.

Why go on "living a lie?"

blackandgoldfan said...

Steele's moderation on this issues is what scares the crap outta me, not his skin color.

Has he been hanging out with Sharpton? He appears to be stereotyping white conservatives in the same manner Sharpton does.

Jessica said...

Right before the elections, I sent Michael Steele a message on Facebook.
Hi Michael, I have been a huge fan of yours for a long time, and was thrilled when you were selected as the Head of the RNC. I thought you would be a great leader and help Conservatives reclaim the Republican Party, but I've been apprehensive about giving any money to the RNC or any Republican candidates. The reason being, is that the so-called Conservative leadership seems to be turning it's back on Conservatives. (i.e.-the New York race between Scozzafava and Hoffman race.) The Republican in the race supported the Stimulus plan?!?! How could the RNC support this candidate? I want to be proud of calling myself a Republican again, but unless the GOP supports true Conservative values, I will be voting Libertarian. As a big fan and supporter, I urge you and the Republican Party to draw a line in the sand: Do you support Conservative values, or do you support Liberal policies that undermine what our country was founded on? I know where I stand....do you?

Proud American looking for your support,
After reading your post, I'm now convinced that he is an awful choice as RNC Chairman.
Very disappointed.

Candle said...

Clifton, although I drift between 35 percent and 40 percent in fear of you, I still think it is a bad idea for Steele to be echoing stereotypes. Honestly I don't think he has that healthy mix of "broken and brilliant" required in today's political warrior. Newt has it, for example, despite being wrong on Hoffman. Just my 2 cents (which I'd gladly give over if you don't beat me up).

Clifton B said...


Steele loves to pander, I think he thinks it gives him some sort of in with people who oppose him. Foolish, all it does is reinforce stereotypes.

Is Steele very tall? I had not noticed.

Clifton B said...


Hey Mike, I'm not afraid of you, man- unless you're referring to your ability to quarterback us through the 2010 midterms that are the one last hope for this country.

BINGO! Now is not the time for wishy washy panderers! Strong principles please!

I was always cautious about Steele. When I found out that he was part of the It's My Party Too organization with Christy Whittman and Tom Ridge, I knew what we would be in for.

Clifton B said...

Give this guy the freedom to pursue other interests. Maybe he can buy an NFL team.

I don't think that would change much for Rush!

Clifton B said...


Excellent point in your post, scary as hell though!

Clifton B said...

Writer X:

I have a better idea. If you are white send a picture of yourself and write "BOO!" under it! Give Mikey a real scare!

Clifton B said...


I would put Michael in the racial pandering category. I think he thinks if he acts "down with the brothers" he can get his message across.

Clifton B said...


I have to admit, I don't understand how Steele doesn't see the harm in agreeing with such a poisoned statement? Does he not know the stereotypes that liberals feed black Americans about Republicans? What a dope.

Clifton B said...


Ace's retort was priceless. I have a feeling that Steele, like Powell, really don't have what it takes to stand apart from the heard [mentality], as such they give into these stupid statements.

Clifton B said...


Can you imagine Steele on one of those militant black political shows? I am afraid he would end up saying "kill whitey"!

Clifton B said...


Damn fine letter Jessica! I too cut off funds to the RNC long time ago. I only send money directly to individual candidates I support.

Clifton B said...


You two cents are safe for now, but if Obama Care passes, be afraid, be very afraid.

JMK said...

"Ace's retort was priceless. I have a feeling that Steele, like Powell, really don't have what it takes to stand apart from the heard [mentality], as such they give into these stupid statements." (Clifton B)
The sad thing is that THIS is how Steele repays a Party that's put it's faith in him.

He smacks them at every turn....I just don't get that.

Moreover, the stereotype he amplifies reminds me of those who inanely wonder, "How could those English fops have taken over the world?"

The ANSWER: Uhhhhh, stop thinking Hugh Grant and Benny Hill and start think "the Beserkers," Lord Carnahan, Cecil Rhodes and Cromwell - THOSE are "the English" and they were some of the most bloodthirsty humans ever to live. Those were the kind of Brits that led that tiny island nation to very nearly conquering the entire known world at the time...blood literally dripped from their teeth!

Apparently Mike Steele thinks "blue-blood Rockefeller Republicans" when he things "white Republicans"/"white Conservatives," when he really SHOULD BE thinking New York City Cop.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh, Ms. SJ was the draw; but the local blacks (and the candidiate's high visability at black events) help garnner GOP votes from the black community.

Janelle said...

I'm extremely tired of this debate. There is diversity in this country like no other on the planet. At 60, I find that there are many reasons to like or dislike other people, based upon the interactions we have with them. There is no skin in this game - only how we treat each other every day.

Unknown said...

Whoa.... Mr. Steele is wrong if he thinks color makes a man. Moral, fiscal, and personal responsibility make the man. Mr. Steele has not demonstrated that he has a responsible bone in his body. I agree completely with Janelle. If I don't like a person it's not because of skin color.

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