Monday, November 9, 2009

Like A Thief In The Night Pelosi Passes PelosiCare

I simply could not let Nancy Pelosi’s midnight passing of Pelosi Care go without comment. If adding a few hundred more pages in the middle of the night before the vote wasn’t bad enough, Nancy’s voting on this bill on a Saturday to avoid attention reeks of Banana Republic shenanigans.

As we know Pelosi got 220 fools to vote YES. 39 Democrats were brave enough to say no and one Republican stupid enough to say yes. The New York Times seems to have published a little handy hit list for the nutroots for the 39 no Dem votes. How touching.

One good thing about the whole sham was the the Pro Life lobby is so powerful now that it can even cower Democrats from adding abortion funding to this travesty of a bill. Amen to that!

My question is, at this point since Congress doesn’t care to listen to the voice of the people, isn’t it time for We The People to stop listening to Congress?  Passive Resistance anyone?


Heather Chandler said...

Apparently, I've heard now on the radio that Princess Pelosi GAVE PERMISSION to those 39 democrats to say no.

Unknown said...

I think this congress has been the worst in history. They are not just ignoring conservatives, they are ignoring the vast majority of the American people on several issues.

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