Monday, November 9, 2009

Sarah Palin On Pelosi Care

Simply put, Sarah Palin is not going to roll over for socialized medicine. She sees the dangers all too well.  Following Pelosi's midnight stealing of our liberties, Sarah Palin had this to say Saturday night:

The Pelosi Bill Was Rammed Through on Saturday, But Sunday’s Coming
 Sat at 10:34pm
We’ve got to hold on to hope, and we’ve got to fight hard because Congressional action tonight just put America on a path toward an unrecognizable country. 
The same government leaders that got us into the mortgage business and the car business are now getting us into the health care business.
Despite Americans’ decisive message last Tuesday that they reject the troubling path this country has been taking, Speaker Pelosi has broken her own promises of transparency to ram a health “care” bill through the House of Representatives just before midnight. Why did she push the 2,000 page bill this weekend? Was she perhaps afraid to give her peers and the constituents for whom she works the chance to actually read this monstrous bill carefully, if at all? Was she concerned that Americans might really digest the details of a bill that the Wall Street Journal has called “the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced”? 
This out-of-control bureaucratic mess will be disastrous for our economy, our small businesses, and our personal liberty. It will slam businesses at a time when we are at double-digit unemployment rates – the highest we’ve seen in a quarter of a century. This massive new bureaucracy will cost us and our children money we don’t have. It will rob Americans of more of our freedom and further hamper the free market. 
Make no mistake: we’re on course to have government commandeer one-sixth of our economy. The people who gave us Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now want to run our health care. Think about that. 
All of us who value the sanctity of life are grateful for the success of the pro-life majority in the House this evening in its battle against federal funding of abortion in this bill, but it’s ironic because we were promised that abortion wasn’t covered in the bill to begin with. Our healthy distrust of these government leaders made us look deeper into the bill because unfortunately we knew better than to trust what they were saying. The victory tonight to amend the bill and eliminate that federal funding for abortion was great – because abortion is not health care. Now we can only hope that Rep. Stupak’s amendment will hold in the final bill, though the Democratic leadership has already refused to promise that it won’t be scrapped later. 
We had been told there were no “death panels” in the bill either. But look closely at the provision mandating bureaucratic panels that will be calling the shots regarding who will receive government health care.
Look closely at provisions addressing illegal aliens’ health care coverage too. 
Those of us who love freedom and believe in open and transparent government can only be dismayed by midnight action on a Saturday. Speaker Pelosi’s promise that Americans would have 72 hours to read the final bill before the vote was just another one of the D.C. establishment’s too-common political ploys. It’s broken promises like this that turn people off to politics and leave them disillusioned about the future of their country. 
But despite this late-night maneuvering, many of us were paying close attention tonight. We’ll keep paying close attention. We need to let our legislators in Washington know that they still represent us, and that the majority of Americans are not in favor of the “reform” they are pushing. After all, this is still a country “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” We will make our voices heard. It’s on to the Senate now. Our legislators can listen now, or they can hear us in 2010. It’s their choice.
- Sarah Palin

Via: Sarah Palin's Facebook Page 


Left Coast Rebel said...

Cliff - I love your graphics, they are getting better and better. You just beat me to the Rubio story as well.....

PS, I'm going to blitz your appearance on Beck mid-week again, using a funny theme, (hint, the date).


Clifton B said...


I do love this graphic of Palin, if I do say so myself.

Yeah to the Rubio news. We all need to get behind Rubio ASAP so we don't see another NY-23.

Thanks for the Beck announcements. Friday the 13th, I know what a date to air, LOL!

Left Coast Rebel said...

Cliff - Graphics for your showing are being produced as I speak!

Anonymous said...

It has finally sunk in - we now understand what Pelosie and BO meant by being 'Transparent'. They have become rather easy to see thru. If Palin were on the left side, and not so polite,she might give her Lipstick-it more boldly to the the other Party. To be noted: Conservatives tend to suggest solutions, Democrats only see nothing but only to criticize.

blackandgoldfan said...

First time visitor. Great site! I'm a friend of LCR, and I don't know how I missed this site. Sorry!

Sarah's appeal lies in her honesty and her ability to not mince words. Count me in as a member of the Lipstick Brigade!!!

Janelle said...

Friday the 13th, love it! Thanks for posting this page from Sarah Palin's site. Kind of an odd thought, but I had just listened to Speaker Pelosi discuss transparency and I wondered; who would any group of young girls see as a role model? It seems obvious to me that speaker would not get the votes.

Clifton B said...


It has finally sunk in - we now understand what Pelosie and BO meant by being 'Transparent'. They have become rather easy to see thru.

BINGO! You nailed it!

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC! Yeah, Sarah has that perfect mix of naughty and nice. Sometimes I think she has more testicular fortitude than half the men in the RNC.

Clifton B said...


LCR, Stogie and Carol from No Sheeples did the graphic! Those three could open their own ad agency!

Pelosi vs Palin in a role model contest is no contest. Who wants their daughter to admire Pelosi's deceit?

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