Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Indoctrination Worse Than Imagined: 11 New Videos of School Kids Praising Obama

That is right folks I said ELEVEN new videos.  This is the one that really caught my attention.

From Big Hollywood:
This is the likely website for the school. Though the age of the students in the video isn’t given, the website says the school’s age range is pre-kindergarten through the third grade.
Video Title: “Powell Elementary Present Kings of Rock”
Video Note: Ode to Obama, school kids in New Jersey celebrate Obamas win

Check out the lyrics [emphasis added mine]

Barack Obama there is none higher

Other politicians should call me sire
To burn my kingdom you must use fire

I create change till I retire!

Democratic Party come correct
Our cuts are on time our rhymes connect
Got the right to vote and will elect
Others can’t feel us but give us respect

Now I walked through crowds, shook many hands
Spent my time saying YES WE CAN!
I stood on many stages, held many mics
Took airplane flights at great heights
PA and Jersey, I won that fight

Chicago Illinois was so hype
Moving so strong
Biden joined the fight
Now we are a team and we ignite!
Now I crash through walls,
Cut through floors,
Burst through ceilings
Knock down doors.

He is George
And I’m Turan
We’re never far behind
In class we shine
For every living person
With dreams and plans

Keep hope alive –
Think “Yes We Can”

We’re the baddest of the bad
The cool of the cool
I’m Barack
I rock and rule.

I’m Joe. I rock and rule.
It’s not a trick or treat or April fools,
It’s all brand new
With a little old school.
We’ve got the music and the message

For all my friends.
Check us out on the internet,
Load and send.

Music ain’t nothing
but a peoples jam.
It’s President Obama
Rockin’ with the band! 

You have got to be f*cking kidding me! This are very small children who should be spending their class time achieving a strong grasp of the basics, not wasting their valuable class time praising an empty suit.
The dates of the 11 videos clearly show the indoctrination process has been well underway for months. Obama's speech to school children was just the tip of the iceberg. 


A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

I am glad you said it!

And this will be my mantra: I am glad I have the freedom (for now) to keep my youngest sons home and provide them opportunity for a REAL education.

This is just sad! I would be sick no matter who little kids are praising, unless of course...they were praising Jesus...

This makes me angry...righteous, determined angry....

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I don't want school kids praising ANYONE. Anyone, anyone, anyone.

That is not what children are in school, to learn to do.

I repeat, I don't want school kids praising ANYONE.

And this is a perfect example of where I veer away from the hard Conservative Right.

And why some on the hard Conservative Right, don't want me.

And why Conservatives have some unresolved troubles... Which weaken us.

But, do any want to see this?

Heather Chandler said...

Wow... ELEVEN?? Guess they can't say these are just isolated incidents anymore...

The teachers should lose their jobs and their licences/certifications/whatever allows them to teach. They aren't teachers anyways.

Writer X said...

I would hope that the parents are outraged. And the teachers are clearly delusional.

Anonymous said...

This is why I'll never go back to teaching. Kids no older than 9 singing praises to Obama and frankly, quite badly. Is it just me or all the song cacophoneous earaches? I can only imagine what the outrage would had been like if it was Bush I and II or Reagan that was being praised, but because it's a "black" man, it's all good. These kids know what sire or Democrat Party means? Tell me these kids are coming up with this themselve and I'll show you some fools that can't see adult manipulation. The only time I've seen such occultic adulation is Mao's Cultural Revolution and Mein Kaupt documentry showing Hitler's speeches.

Pedaling said...

you got that right...."just the tip of the iceberg."

Janelle said...

This is awful. If you have children, make sure you know what is taught. Reading, Math, Spelling, Grammar, History, Civics, Science. The world is wide open for them after that.

One Ticked Chick said...

This is really creeping me out. The liberal education agenda is something that really needs to be addressed by conservatives elected to public office on the local, state and federal levels. Parents also need to go through all books and homework assignments their children bring home with a lice comb.

Libby's Library said...

I am appalled and saddened.
Where has common sense gone?

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