Monday, November 23, 2009

SNL mocks Obama’s visit to China

This skit would be even more hilarious if it wasn’t both our president and our country that is the butt of the joke. Sadly though, Obama’s economic policy of “spend your way out of debt” is a laughable idea. The only reason why he has gotten this far with it is because we have such a bias media who invested their entire credibility in his election.

There are two things interesting to note here. First, Saturday Night Life is filmed in the very liberal New York City. You will note that there is not one moan, groan or catcalls from the audience. Instead we find hardy laughter in agreement with the skit.  This is bad news for Obama if he cannot find one faithful defender in NYC.

Second, there appears to be growing noise from the left that Obama ain’t all that and a bag of chips. Just this Sunday, lefty hack Maureen Dowd, suggests that Obama needs to be more like Sarah Palin. Of course Dowd says it in her snarky anti Palin sort of way, but she still speaks of Obama not measuring up.  Even Chris Matthews seems to have lost his man crush.


Writer X said...

Hilarious. I may have to start tuning in to SNL more often. They certainly have a wealth of material with this President.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I did see this aired and although pleased SNL would seem to be as of late becoming 'balanced' when making light of Obama,I remain cautious.

Remember,Chris Matthews (msnbc) and SNL (NBC) serve the same master - GE. The CEO of GE is Jeff Imelt who also works IN the Obama administration.

Just a note here; I do not see this as making fun of the country persay, but rather the current president and HIS policies. I viewed SNL the same way throughout the years.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I forgot to mention (to show why I remain catious) that I did a blog showing the mindset @ NBC regarding comedy; 'MINDSET of the 4th ESTATE'

Dave F said...

I thought it was very funny, and it's about time SNL continued to be an equal opportunity offender. One thing I have noticed though is that Fred Armisens' impersonation is getting worse. He did great during the campaign. I wonder if it is some sort of protest?

Yvonne said...

I don't know why this was hard for me to watch this, but it was. It's the truth and we're all scewed. How do you get out of this jam, how?

Anonymous said...

People, the president may not be all that! But then neither has any of the presidents before him! It's been 200 years of mostly disservice to this country, let's not mention the last 8 years just previous to this president's election! What I'm getting from all this backlash towards president Obama is that he has not been able to fix the last 200+ years damage, in his first year of service. Oh, it probably does not hel[ that he is anything other than non-white male! Just an Opinion! AE

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I wondered when Obama was going to get a drubbing from the comedy hacks who are still on air.
The sketch emphasises how China is an enormous octopus and how Obama is a clueless "leader". Funny but in a sad way.
Maureen Dowd wants to BE Sarah Palin.

Jeremy Crow said...

You always have to love that "anonymous user race card" being used on any blog. I look back on 200+ years of presidency and perhaps the only one I don't find any faults whatsoever with is George Washington, but we live in a world where nobody is perfect. Above that nobody is ever going to be in perfect agreement with everyone else. The issue at hand here is that THIS president is responsible for THIS presidents actions, and blaming GW, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, FDR, or even Jefferson is not going to overshadow what THIS president does.
In the end we are responsible for our own actions and credibility, and The Obama has done nothing presidential, from his inability to show emotion to other's pain, or his inability to speak without a firm script in place, to his policies that ARE completely lifted from Cloward and Piven, or the Communist manifesto. He completely drives wedges between everyone. Divisive {for those that think it is a word that means conservative} behavior {whites hate blacks, rich hate poor, east hates west, men hate women} is all this president has been able to use to any great effect from the day he took office, and the fear of being "labelled" isn't even working anymore. The old story goes, "If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, The Obama will get his people to tell you that you are a racist" has gotten older than hatin' on Bush.
Thank you for a wonderful article and a place to vent some frustration :)

Anonymous said...

It's funny, the skit makes no mention of Obama's predecessors- only his own terrible policies, programs, and spending, and yet the trolls still come in to talk about predecessors and make insults against Conservatives, as if they still don't understand that we're on the side WITHOUT the racist policies. It's weird how it always comes back to insults, precedent, or criticism of grammatical errors. We got 2 of 3 from the last troll.

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