Friday, November 27, 2009

Rasmussen: Number of Americans who find US healthcare system Good to Excellent now at 49%

Rasmussen’s latest poll on how Americans view our healthcare system shows that the number of people who rate it good to excellent has increased to 49%.  This number has been steadily increasing since May 08 when on 27% said it was good to excellent.

I am not surprised by the increase. The healthcare debate (such as it is) has focused a lot of attention on single payer systems and the shortcomings involved. Americans do not know rationing and despite our system’s shortcomings Americans still have options to work around them. Not so in single payers systems where the government calls all the shots.

What is interesting is that the longer Congress works on healthcare reform the more Americans do not want it. It really shows up how there really is no healthcare "crisis" in America. Yes, we are in need of some fixes, but it isn’t like our current system is a complete failure. Which brings us to the big question, why are Democrats still pushing reform so hard when so many Americans are not up in arms about the status quo.

Hopefully these new numbers will be another warning sign to Democrats not to shove their horrid reform plan down our thoats.

Via: Rasmussen

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Osumashi Kinyobe said...

If there are centrists and pragmatists in Congress, why didn't they just go for the more achievable and fair insurance reform? The fact that it didn't happen indicates a more socialist motive, and an extremely expensive one, too.
We could go through the pratfalls of a publicly funded system all day. Americans should read the proposed bill carefully and look at other examples of socialised medicine.

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