Friday, November 20, 2009

Senator Giuliani?

The New York Daily News is reporting that there is a good chance that former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani may seek Hillary Clinton’s old NY Senate seat in 2010 now that he had decided against running for New York’s Governor.

From the New York Daily News: 
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has decided against running for governor, but is strongly considering running for U.S. Senate instead, sources told the Daily News.

The Republican heavyweight was considered the GOP's best shot at reclaiming the governor's mansion. The only declared candidate on the Republican side is little-known former Long Island Rep. Rick Lazio.
 One source said Giuliani is prepared to run for U.S. Senate against Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand next year to fill out the remaining two years of Hillary Clinton's term. 
In a match up with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Rudy comes out on top by a whopping 14 points with about a third of Democrats saying they would vote for him.

I don’t know about this. Rudy is a RINO and the winds are changing against them.  However in a very blue state like New York that may not make a difference.

I wanted to vote for Rudy in the ’08 primaries, he was my second choice behind Fred Thompson. While Rudy was a RINO then too, I know he is a fiscal conservative and a strong chief executive.  I lived in NYC during his days as mayor and the turn around was stunning.

Today, I am not so sure I could support him. America is going to be on the brink in 2010. Can we afford to take a chance? What if he abandons his fiscal conservatism at the worst possible time?  If this was still ’08 and the Dems had not brought America to the brink of disaster I would feel very comfortable taking the chance, today not so much. The big question is will most New York conservatives feel the same way I do next year? Time will tell.


The Malcontent said...

I'm for Rudy... He's a good man for New York The best Man running!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I would probably vote for Giuliani. I wouldn't call him a RINO per se, although his social liberalism is something I find off-putting. However, I trust him. I think he'd hang on to his fiscal conservatism and I know that he gets, like almost no one else, the issue of national security.

Didn't Rick Lazio lose to Hillary Clinton in the NY Senate race back in 2000? Or do I have the name mixed up with someone else?

Ron B said...

Cliff I would say don't do it. We really need true conservatives who are unabashed and not washed in the current political waters that for so long have been the way of the Beltway. If NY can find a candidate that is not going to back off or one that will not going to compromise America for political expediency then support them....but what I am thinking unless YOU run then what can the "establishment" expect other than more of the same. Obama had that right during his campaign...more of the same!

Just a conservative girl said...

As a person who lived in CT when he was mayor of NY, it wasn't so great. All the crime that he got rid of, just came to my neck of the woods.

He is still beloved in NY, so he probably will win if he runs. I do think he would stand by his fiscal and security policies. It is on the social issues that he strays from the conservative platform. Which doesn't bother me as much as it does some.

Roadhouse said...

I've followed Rudy for a long time now. I've heard him in many interviews and debates. "He DOES have some liberal leanings on a few social issues, but "RINO" might be a bit strong. I think he's sincere about his commitment to national security and defeating our enemies. I also like his foreign policy stances and his willingness to not mince words about them. I also believe he is a true fiscal conservative. He's not perfect, but considering that we're talking about New York, I can give him a pass on some of his short comings.

Clifton B said...

The Malcontent:

I was for Rudy as mayor, would have voted for him last year too and think he would be ideal for NY governor.

But given the climate in Washington today, I am not so sure I want to risk adding him to the senate. I would prefer someone with a little more ideological consistency.

Bruce said...

I will not vote for Giuliani. Period. He is not to be trusted, imo, and his personal principles leave much to be desired.

Anonymous said...

I also lived in NYC when Rudy was mayor. He was loved after the 9/11attack, but toward the end of his administration the NYT successfully started turning NYCers against him. I suspect he's probably still well liked upstate.

I don't think a social conservative can win in NY. Rudy strikes a balance between fiscal conservative and social liberal. I think he can win. If I still lived there, I'd vote for him. We could do alot worse than Rudy.

JMK said...

I'd welcome an end to the Gillibrand tenure, no matter what.

She completely abdicated her core principles basically reversing her views on virtually every issue....more proof of how completely disconnected and phony the entire "political class" really is.

While I agree with Ron B that Rudy is far from a true Conservative, for NY he's probably as "Conservative" as you're going to get.

You have to take your "victories" (such as they are) where you can find them, and defeating Gillibrand would be a worthy effort.

Moreover, Guiliani would defeat the likes of Carolyn Maloney and Carolyn McCarthy (two Dems who threatened to Primary Gillibrand) before she turned hard-Left.

I'd much prefer Pete King, BUT I think that statewide, Guiliani is more viable....Peter King would pretty much cede NYC to the Dems.

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