Monday, November 2, 2009

Updated: Hoffman and Christie Take The Lead

If Public Policy Polling is correct Doug Hoffman has taken a commanding lead in the NY-23 race against Bill Owens.

In a three way contest with Democrat Bill Owens and Republican Dede Scozzafava Hoffman leads with 51% to 34% for Owens and 13% for Scozzafava. In a head to head contest with Owens Hoffman holds a 54-38 advantage. 
Hoffman is leading Scozzafava 71-15 among Republicans with 12% going to Owens. Among Democrats Owens gets 67% to 21% for Hoffman and 10% for Scozzafava. Hoffman leads Owens 52-30 with independents. MORE 
Public Policy Polling also shows Chris Christie inching ahead of Jon Corzine in the New Jersey Gubernatorial race.

Chris Christie leads Jon Corzine 47-41 in PPP's final poll of the New Jersey Governor's race, with Chris Daggett at 11%.

Corzine had pulled to within a point of Christie on our poll three weeks ago after trailing by as many as 14 points over the summer, but his momentum has stalled since then and Christie's built his lead back up to 4 points last week and now 6. MORE

Public Policy Polling caught something I noticed too at the Chris Christie rally I attended last Friday:

As is the case around the country this year enthusiasm is on the Republicans' side in New Jersey. 47% of Christie's supporters say they're 'very excited' about voting this fall to just 34% of Corzine's. The electorate is also likely to be more Republican leaning this year with likely voters reporting that they voted for Obama by a 54-43 margin in 2008, a spread narrower than the actual 57-42 result in the state.

It is the enthusiasm I believe that will make the difference for Christie tomorrow.  Republicans are in a pitchfork kind of mood and if they cannot get the little devils in Washington, they can take it out on Corzine.

Should these numbers hold, Obama and the Democrats are looking at a complete rebuke of all their policies. Look for ObamaCare to hit a brick wall.

UPDATE - Quinnipiac Christie +2

In the see-saw New Jersey Governor's race, Republican challenger Christopher Christie has 42 percent to Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine's 40 points, with 12 percent for independent candidate Christopher Daggett, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Six percent remain undecided.

Via: Public Policy Polling,Hoffman
Via: Public Policy Polling Christie
Via: Quinnipiac
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Opus #6 said...


Off topic, I checked your technorati page. That is just wrong. I hope they fix the problems over there. I don't understand how you had higher authority than me before the "change" and now nothing. I tried to add you to my favorites and got some strange message about how they are not doing that right now. Aaargh!

k6whp said...

If there is a tri-fecta win tomorrow, then expect the liberal press and the White House to distance themselves from Deeds and Corzine, minimally. And we need to let all of that blather escape with knowing nods of, "uh huh, I certainly believe you may have some good points there." Let them enjoy their echo chamber as much as they can; let them continue their slumber right on through 201 til 2012. They worked hard to tear this country down and they deserve a good nap.

Of course, we all know that there is a seething rage over the effrontery Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and our gummint displays. Also, never mind that Obama campaigned his ass off for Deeds and Corzine most recently as this past weekend. Also, if Hoffman wins, it will be THE CLASSIC triumph of conservatives over Democrats and the ineffectual and bumbling RNC.

I like Mike Steele a great deal but I believe he is out of his element here; he should fire up or hand the keys over to Sarah Palin. She would be the ideal person to run the RNC at this point in time.

k6whp said...

..also, it appears that Corzine might be fading even yet as we speak.

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