Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crooks and Liars “dumb white guy” critique of Beck’s black conservative show

David Neiwert from the liberal blog Crooks and Liars watched Glenn Beck’s show on black conservatives and has offered a critique. Not surprising his critique uses fallacies and tortured logic to adhere to his liberal worldview. While there are many crazy things said, there were three that I simply must address.

First Neiwert begins by claiming Beck “was careful to hand-select his audience”. 
Beck, you see, was careful to hand-select his audience, people "the media claim don't think exist" -- black conservatives! Not that he ever actually explains this to the viewing audience -- you have to figure that out for yourselves as the show goes along, like the moment when he asks the audience if they think we're headed toward socialism (they all raise their hands) or are accused of being not "black enough" if they are conservative (again, a unanimous show of hands). 
As someone who was actually part of that audience, I can tell you first hand that while everyone was black, not everyone was conservative (see my earlier post). Furthermore, a friend told me about the upcoming show and I asked to participate. I then passed along the information to my friend Maria and she asked to participate too.  So as far as hand selecting goes, that is just fiction on Mr. Neiwert’s part.

What should be noted is that given the slight ideological mix of the audience, everyone still raised their hands when asked if the nation was moving towards socialism. It is very hard not to think so seeing how the government now controls banks and car companies. Must we wait until they control the oil companies too before it becomes OK to think we are moving towards socialism?

Oh and by the way about that “black enough” business, one need only Google “Uncle Tom” plus any prominent black conservative’s name and you will see the truth to that statement.

Next Neiwert attempts to admonish Beck for asking the audience about how they feel about the word “African American”: 
Will Brown of the New York Republican Community Coalition points out, adroitly, that "African American" is an "evolution" from the "N word" -- and certainly is preferable. Moreover, it wasn't black people who invented the "N word" or the segregation from enjoying the full fruits of American citizenship it represented -- it was white people. "African American" represents the recognition of their dignity and their rights as Americans.
But this point sails right over Beck's head, because he's too ignorant to appreciate the implications. Had Beck even a smidgen of American history, particularly pertaining to civil rights, he'd know that white Americans for most of the decades of the past century used the word "American" and "real American" almost exclusively to refer to white people -- and that this motif lingers even today (see, e.g., Sarah Palin's references to "real Americans" during the campaign -- speaking before small-town, all-white audiences). 
I wonder if it ever dawns on Neiwert that black people are free to individually decide which word describes themselves best and as such asking how each of us feels about the word “African American” really isn’t that stupid. 

I also have to squelch Neiwert’s subtle attempt to tie Sarah Palin to some half-baked concept of subtle racism.   Regarding the American vs. Real American concept. Today the concept depicts the difference between those Americans who support traditional American ideals of the individual’s pursuit of life, liberty and happiness (Real Americans) vs. those Americans who have accepted the socialist/ statist point of view.  Harkening back to the old days when the term was used to differentiate between natural born Americans and the immigrant classes is just intellectually dishonest.

Regarding Sarah Palin, it may surprise Neiwert that Adrienne from Motivation: Truth, a black woman, has met Sarah Palin, her family and her parents more than once. Each time she was treated warmly and graciously by all of them. So Neiwert, stuff the manufactured subtle racism of Palin, it’s pure evil.

Finally what I found to be the most shockingly stupid thing that Neiwert does is to say that it is idiotic of white people to quote Martin Luther King. 
Beck doesn't understand why it's idiotic of white people to quote King -- namely, King was speaking in defense of black people whose civil rights had been systematically and violently denied for over a century, and his words were spoken in that context. They weren't intended to be spoken in defense of advantaged white people who want an excuse to keep stereotyping black people. 
Neiwert derides Beck and some of the guest throughout his post for not knowing history. It seems he should crack open a book himself sometime and read King’s I Have A Dream speech. From that iconic speech Dr. King said:
We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force. The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone.
Sounds pretty clear to me that Dr. King would not have found it idiotic for white people to quote himKing was clearly calling for the day when we all lived equally in freedom. That certainly isn’t an idea that says only black people should quote King’s words. Dr. King is a national treasure and his words should be quoted and embraced by all people regardless of their color.


Hannityinaskirt said...

Hi your response was very great! I was just amazed by this article in "crooks and liars" Especially the last paragraph and "finding scary black people under rocks" when going on about ACORN, Van jones, mark Lloyd, etc. It seems that the only reason the author thinks Beck "smeared" these people was because they where black not because Van Jones was a 9/11 Truther/Communist or because Acorn had no problem helping pimps run underage brothels. Can't leave out the token whining about Sarah Palin, but that was absurd to think that she was referring to only white people. Who would have thought that, unless you are race obsessed. I guess its easier for Liberals to paint everyone they don't agree with as "racist" So they don't have to answer Beck's complaints. Yet for Black Conservatives it is such a heart breaker. It seems that, because of your race, that all of your political opinions must be predetermined. Your opinions on foreign policy, healthcare, economics, etc have to be exactly the same as ever other black person's or you are a "race traitor" How horrible. Great response, you should email it to Beck. :) I'm sure it would make his day. YOU are a real American, sir.

A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

wow, this is a fine example of truly delusional thought processes. Is that man serious?

He is the same kind of mislead individual who probably likes the term Native American...for us injuns....or he thinks that we were all peace loving and pure before the onset of the Spanish or English and a multitude of others....another ignorant assumption....

The tribes were all fighting amongst themselves...some allies and some sworn enemies.

Anyone born on American soil by parents who are here legally and live here lawfully as responsibly a Native American.

I am not ignorant and can see very well how the liberal ideology "downplays" the negatives about ALL humanity EXCEPT for anyone who is bible believing or God fearing is for that group they chose to amplify the faults and evils.

namaste said...

well said, cliff. i love the way you intelligently rip that dope a new one!

btw, i see obama's voice is no longer raping my ears when i come here. THANK YOU!

Opus #6 said...

Newwart exposes himself as a racist. That anybody "can't quote" a great American Thinker of any color based on skin color is disgusting.

This is the fallacy in action. The Left says that the Right is racist. When I believe there are more racists on the left, as a matter of policy. Because keeping people disadvantaged keeps them tied to the Democrat party as obligated voters.

Joey said...

Great posting my friend. Thanks for representing us all at the Glen Beck show. Keep up the good fight against the hatred of these people who are now trying to use the Hispanic voting block as they did African Americans for many years. I hate the labels because although of Latino heritage I am an American. That is why I write because of the ignorance in my community. God Bless and have a Happy Thanksgiving alongside Your Loved Ones.

Jessica said...

Great post! The writer lacks intellectual honesty, in just about every point he is trying to make.

And he apparently has a disdain for white men, like Beck, discussing any sort of black history. He doesn't understand what Dr. King wanted for the black community - he fought for EQUALITY...not special treatment.

Diane Student said...

Clifton, you are right on! I myself knew that not all of the black people in attendance were conservative based on their answers, so I actually was a bit perturbed about that. I think it is great that Beck had this kind of show instead of just letting Obama and the likes of Jackson and Sharpton speak for all the black people. I myself happen to be one of the "nonexistent" gay conservatives and have contacted Glenn Beck to see if perhaps our voices could be heard as well. I would just love to see what the libtard blogs have to say after that.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Stop me if I'm running in all different directions but why would anyone assume that one group of people were all on the same page about anything, particularly embracing a form of politics that clamours for governmental involvement on every personal level? If someone is surprised that there are black conservatives or black people who don't like Obama, they had better wake up.
Secondly, unless you hold dual citizenship, don't hyphenate your nationality. It's just silly.
Thirdly, is quoting Martin Luther King Jr. only for liberals? I didn't realise! I guess liberals know what was in Martin Luther King Jr.'s mind the same way they know what Jesus would have done about health-care (or whatever issue).

Heather Chandler said...

I finally was able to watch Glenn Beck's show online and am glad I did.

Regarding Martin Luther King, Glenn Beck was spot on. You don't know how many times I get looked at like I had two heads when I refer to MLK or quote him. When I visit the MLK center here in Atlanta and told others about my experience, I was told "It must have been hard for you to relate to him and his struggles".

No, in fact, I was quite moved the entire time I was there. I had tears in my eyes the whole time. If people think his messages was only about blacks and only for blacks, then they need to study up on their history. He was about EQUALITY and wanted everyone to have the ability to peacefully protest for what they believed in. He talked about that quite extensively.

MLK was a great American and his hopes, dreams, speeches belong to all of us as Americans. We all need to focus on celebrating him and his accomplishments as a society or we'll risk losing his valuable message if we continue to squabble over silly things such as this.

As long as people learn about him and learn from his example, who cares what color they are?

Clifton B said...

Hannity In A Skirt:

Actually there is something even more insidious going on in Neiwert's piece. I am starting to feel ashamed of my self for not addressing it.

What Neiwert is doing is poising black minds with half truths, omissions and revisionist history he is feeding black people the poised pill of racial discontent in order to use their hate to do his dirty work. The man is a complete pussy for hiding his evil behind the false veneer of compassion.

White people cannot quote Dr. King? That is nothing more than an absolute affront to everything Dr. King stood for. Neiwert should be ashamed of himself.

Clifton B said...


Oh yeah, we can see the little race games that the left plays. Personally I am getting a little sick and tired of it. I am going to start calling out their evil from now on. I think we should all start calling what they are doing exactly what it is ...hate mongering.

Clifton B said...

Anonymous @8:34 am:

Neiwert, like all White Liberals, must stereotype blacks as helpless and incapable because if they were self-reliant the great White Liberal would have no purpose.

This is why they have that special hate for black conservatives. It is because we see their condescension and eschew their false help.

Clifton B said...


Thanks, the Dr. King part is what really got my goat.

If you don't want to hear Obama's voice avoid the next page of the blog for a while LOL

Clifton B said...

Opus #6:

You are damn right he is a racist and an insidious one at that, hiding his evil behind false words of compassion.

Clifton B said...


You are so right that the liberals are coming after your people next. Don't let it happen. Call them out for exactly what they are every time you can. Don't let them poison your people the way they did mine.

Clifton B said...


Exactly Dr. King was all about equality not racial selfishness.

Clifton B said...

Eagle Eyed Pundit:

Gay conservatives have been out in the forefront before black ones. The Gay Patriot, Cynthia Yockey and A Conservative Shemale all are strong bloggers putting their voice out there.

I think it is time someone started a NING group for unconventional conservatives. It is high time we put an end to the stereotype that all conservatives are nothing but old white guys.

Clifton B said...

Osumashi Kinyobe:

You can head in any direction you like,because you are hitting all the right stuff. Yes that idea that only liberals can speak for King is pure crock, especially since they get him so terribly wrong.

Clifton B said...

Hazza Blue Eyes:

That King remark is really what made me mad. Yes Dr. King led the struggle for equality for my people, but the idea that his calls for freedom and equality are not universal is a sick and twisted thing.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Clifton - Bravo! You really covered every single base here, black conservatives should not stand for slander like this, in fact I would say that Neiwert exposed his inherent racism in his piece. Keep up the fight!

The Conservative Lady said...

I just finished Mr. Neiwert's article. The racists in this story are Mr. Neiwert and his liberal cohorts. I think it is correct to say that one of the biggest threats to liberals are black conservatives.
Great post and follow-up to your Glenn Beck Show experience.

Janelle said...

Decades later, Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech is still the most eloquent and moving one I have ever heard. It has only gotten better with age. Pity that Neiwet doesn't get the message and all of the comments above and this post, Clifton, are spot on.

Hannityinaskirt said...

Clifton B,

True that is much worse than his other prattles that are typical liberal talking points. The fact that he tries to put King in a box as a "Black Hero Only" was the very thing King fought against. There shouldn't be one list of heroes for black kids or white kids to admire. Martin Luther King Jr. should be seen as an American hero, to all people who value a person's heart over a person's race.

Smile said...

I refuse to even say his name! This idiot uses the straw man of everyone raised their hand.

Those who are for the socialist agenda would raise their hand and those who are against would as well. The first being glad, the second being concerned for their liberty.

What was his point again? Oh yeah, keep that chaos stirred up!

Smile said...

Hand selected: We have for so long suffered in silence, no wonder they think everything they say will be excepted as fact.

Still, if one wants to express a particular topic or hear from a particular group one would need to actually use parts from the topic. Seems obvious to me. IOW, he is saying stfu.

Even if the whole audience had been exclusively black and conservative, duh, that was the the point, to hear from these people.

You can't hear from the conservative black voice without letting them talk for themselves.

Smile said...

The head fake: The audience has to "figure out" that black conservatives are being given a voice that lame stream media is adverse to. Huh? Like it was some kind of hidden agenda! There was nothing subtle about it! It was the whole point and people of all stripes and colors tuned in gladly and appreciatively.

For decades the accusers have used the straw man to distract. People have allowed themselves to take on the guilt and misplaced embarrassment of fear of belonging. No more! We're speaking out and I can understand why this pisses them off.

Smile said...

They're scared of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. They're even more scared of black conservatives.

If black conservatives find their voice, find each other... This could be their biggest fear.

Uh oh, what if black conservatives unite with white conservatives as well. Why, that could be just evil! Whaha ha!

Smile said...

Has he ever express a problem with Obama hand selecting who gets to sit behind him during all of his speeches?

I don't have a problem with Obama doing that but he should, or remain the epitome of hypocrisy.

Smile said...

White people shouldn't quote MLK: Talk about typical liberal left guilt tripping and race baiting!

Even in death he tries to segregate Dr. King! This is such weird, psychological warfare, mind twisted bs, it is almost impossible for sane people to respond. Almost.

MLK fought and died to end exclusion and this guy tries to find a way to keep us segregated. When one resorts to class warfare and race baiting, they're broke and without any substance to present so rely on the head fake.

As usual, they're afraid. Fear of loss. They always have been. In days of old they were afraid of standing in faith by doing the right thing. Rather, they were afraid of what they would lose if they let the negro off the plantation. In spite of all their religious expression, they couldn't stand in faith and do the right thing, knowing it would be alright if they do the right thing. They were faithless. They didn't fear not/only believe. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

They are no more full of faith today. They are no less in fear.

Smile said...

Mmm, mm, mmm, white people shouldn't quote MLK.

Mm, mm, black people should focus on problems.

All of this fear, hate, revenge, separatism, black centrist, class warfare, race baiting, raising kids in angst and resentment, how's that workin' out for ya Detroit et al?

Clifton B said...


What I should have done was to call him out on the race baiting. I 'll catch his evil ass next time.

Clifton B said...


BINGO! Neiwert is a racist race baiter. He stirs the pot with his half truths and omissions.

Clifton B said...


Normally I don't waste time on dishonest morons like Niewert, but that nonsense about Dr. King was a major affront that simply could not stand.

Clifton B said...


You are exactly right that King does not belong in a box. His ideals were to be embraced by everyone.

Sadly many blacks buy into the poison that Niewert sells and actually end up diminishing Dr. king's words.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC. You are right Neiwert is try to create racial chaos. It is fear of losing a controlled voting block that causes the left to practice their evil out in the open.

I really love your astute observations, you can clearly see how the plantation game is played. Please stop back often.

Clifton B said...


Oh yes once a black person crosses the Rubicon out of the Plantation game, the left feels justified in being as racist as the want to be.

The funny thing is the constant failure of the black community is starting to wake up a lot of brothers and sisters and I will be all too happy to wake up some more.

The poison that the left injects into the black community has wreck such havoc, that blacks have forgotten that they are fully capable of solving their own problems without the help from the left or the right.

Thinking in Color said...

Awesome post!!! I'm so glad you point out that Martin Luther King's message was for everyone. I'm so tired of his words being used to argue for racist policies! OOoo- it gets me mad!!

Fredd said...

I think we must remember that this guy Newwart does not have any conservatives in mind as his audience. He doesn't care a damn whether any of us call him on his idiotic mangling of Martin Luther King's words, or whether there is any truth to his view at all: his audience is the Left, the loonies and weirdo Liberals that suck up this stuff like manna from Heaven. And a great many of those liberal voters are Black, and will remain Democratic voters as long as they are kept in a constant state of anger against these 'loons' like Beck.

Newwart's aim is not to enlighten the Right, it's to buttress the support of his Left wing causes from the peril of the erosion due to some seriously flawed policies of the current liberal adminstration.

He needs those guys to get back in line, to round them up and put them back on the liberal reservation.

Whether conservatives catch wind of this twisted garbage does not bother ideologues like Newwart one bit.

They are not his audience.

Anonymous said...

Finding this site was refreshing. I so agree that this government seems to be intentionally inciting race riots-it's disgusting, and I feel vindicated to know that I am not alone in my beliefs about this administration.
God Bless Unity!:)

PS-posting anonymous because I am it's late and I am too tired right now to create an account, but I will be back.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand when people say that a Black Conservative is an oxymoron. Hasn't Black Americans traditionally had conservative social values regarding family, community, church and God? Were not many leaders of the civil rights movement also members of the clergy? Were there not conservative thinkers who came out of the Harlem Renaissance?

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